S2 Chapter 51: All Or Nothing! The Final Battle Commences!!

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*A few days had passed and the ship was nearing the port of Japan where it departed from, Athena waved at the legends that were previously eliminated and other spectators were there as well, Athena was amazed at how many people were there*

Aiga: You see all those people Athena? They're all going to watch you battle this evening, everyones been waiting for this match for a very long time now.

Athena: Yeah, today is finally the day. The day i finally put an end to everythin.

*The boat finally docked and got settled and the remaining passengers got off and Athena was immediately swarmed by paparazzi and was immediately bombarded with all sorts of different questions, Athena thankfully was saved by Xhaka who was one of the biggest people in the area*

Xhaka: Come on you guys, have a bit of respect. Poor child needs a bit of rest before her big match today and you bombard her with questions, get lost.

*Xhaka carries her inside the Sparking Arena and locks the door behind him, stopping the crazed reporters and journalists.*

Athena: Thank you for.. saving me.

Xhaka: Well paparazzi can be rough sometimes, this just happened to be one of those times i guess.

Athena: Yeah, i guess so. I guess i should some last preparations before my big match, get a bit more training in.

Xhaka: Yeah, it would appear you'll need all the training you can get today. You have only a few hours and you have one of the most strong and dangerous people as your opponent.

Athena: Yeah and i'll be one who slays him for good.


*Lane stood in one of the other training rooms in the Sparking Arena and his Flare began to burn bright as he thought about the battle between Athena and Valt*

Lane: There is no doubt about it, her Flare is evolving and it will continue to evolve even further if i don't do something about it but the question is: How is her Flare evolving that quick and how strong is it compared to mine..

*Lucifer spun in the center of the stadium as it glowed with a dark flare, tiny gold sparkles were emitting from it. Lane simply smiled as he was completely enveloped within his Flare*

---A little while later---

*It was only 2 hours until the match started and Athena spoke with Aiga one last time before her big match*

Athena: Aiga, how've you been holding up?

Aiga: I've been well but i'm more concerned for you now that we're here.

Athena: Aiga, i'll be fine. I won't let Lane hurt me again, i promise.

Aiga: You honestly don't know that, now that we've made it to the grand finals, anything could happen now.

Athena: I said i'll be fine Aiga, nothing will go wrong.

Aiga: I just don't want to see anyone else get hurt, much less you. I think i've had enough of seeing people get hurt because of Lanes antics.

Athena: Well you can rest easy tonight knowing that i will put an end to him once and for all.

Aiga: Athena..

Athena: I need you to trust me on this, i want you to believe i can do it, that i can succeed in something i've been longing to do.

*Aiga just stared at her and inevitably just smiled*

Aiga: Alright, i trust you but i want you to know that if anything goes bad, i'm coming down there.

Athena: I'm afraid i can't allow you to do that.

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