S2 Chapter 50: Athena's Ultimate Bond!!

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(This one is gonna be pretty short since its just Athena VS Valt and some other filler, still enjoy anyway please. Last 2 chapters won't be like this obviously)

*The next morning came and Athena Valhalla was as happy, cheerful and excited as ever as she leaped from bed and raced over to the training room to do some training before her exhibition match with Valt today*

Athena: Adeona, we're gonna win for sure today.

*Adeona began to release a high pitched ringing sound and it began to emit a rainbow like glow for a brief second*

Athena: W-What the-?... What was that just now?

*Athena shrugs it off and she starts practicing for the day*


*Lane Valhalla walks through the halls of the Cruise Ship and he began to think about what was to come*

Lane: An exhibition match..? She's just stalling at this point, why can't we get this show on the road already?!

*Lanes flare began to burn to life once again and it began to rage and roar like a burning inferno!*

Lane: Athena Valhalla, i don't know what your endgame is but rest assured, i'll be the one who sees to it that you never touch a bey again!!


*Athena was on the lift to the arena for her battle with Valt. She looked down at her Adeona and smiled as the lift carried her even further up*

Athena: Adeona, it's been a few days since we battled Valt in the second round of this tournament and now here we are again about to battle in a match that doesn't really count. I don't know about you but i'm feeling all kinds of excited!!

*Athena and Valt reached the top of the arena and headed to the stadium. Athena and Valt stared down each other fiercely as their auras began to glow around them*

Athena: Valt Aoi, it'll be interesting to see how well you've improved since the last time we battled, i'm quite excited!

Valt: I wouldn't be so sure, me and Valkyrie have learned a few tricks since the last time we battled.

Athena: A few tricks he says?! Interesting..!!

*Valt takes the 2A Chassis off and flips it around where the Rubber blades on the chassis were poking through the blade. Valkyrie was now in 6-Blade Mode*

Athena: He flipped around his chassis just like Fafnir and Spriggan.. so that's his new trick huh? Let's see how it does!

Referee: This match will be a first to 3 Points! First Battle!!

*Both bladers take their positions and the battle started*

Referee: Ready Set!!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys land in the stadium and both of them circle around*

Athena: Even though it just went through a mode change, its movements haven't changed at all.. guess its true power lies in its attacks then.

Valt: Let's go! Valkyrie!!!

Athena: Adeona!!

*Both beys clash and Adeona was immediately sent flying from the exposed rubber from the 2A Chassis!*

Athena: A-Amazing..!! Even with no sort of performance change, it's power has skyrocketed!!

*Adeona lands back in the stadium and it keeps on going*

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