S2 Chapter 49: Special Training! Road To The Grand Finals!!

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*It wasn't long after the Semi-Finals and Athena stood in one of the training rooms with Valt, Aiga, Chiki and Ranjiro.*

Athena: I've arranged this training into 3 steps, we've already done the 1st Step which is come together, the 2nd step will be to come up with a plan to take down Lucifers defenses so let's get started on that. Any suggestions?

Chiki: Lucifer is a Defense Type while Adeona is an attack type, Lucifer has a type advantage and its power is nearly superior in almost every way.

Ranjiro: There's also it's devastating special moves like Dark Matter Slash, Dark Matter Gravity and its newly debut'd Dark Matter Doomsday. If we're to come up with any kind of strategy to take it down, we need to find a way to counter those deadly moves first.

Athena: Interesting, very nice.. Aiga, Valt, what do you 2 think?

Aiga: I have to agree with Cap'n there, Lucifers strength from its dangerous special moves. It shattered Fafnir in one blow using Dark Matter Slash, it repelled my Infinite Achilles attacks with Dark Matter Gravity and Lane completely decimated Shu with Dark Matter Doomsday.

Valt: There is also Lucifers Dropper Driver which can lower a freely rotating ring closer to the stadium and increase its KO resistance along with its LAD, all of which make it incredibly hard to move from the center. That's one of Lucifers key features, you won't defeat it if you can't manage to beat that. On top of all of that, it has Spark-Drive System Burst Stoppers just like Adeona.

*Athena took all of this into consideration and they were right, Lucifer had so much power and abilities that made it unlike any blader had ever seen before. Athena was stumped, she couldn't come up with anything, not a single thing*

Athena: Tch... i can't come up with anything!

Valt: Well let's take it easy for a while, i think if we actually battle then maybe your creative juices will start flowing again.

Athena: I guess so, let's get started i guess.

*Everyone gets the stadium set up and Athenas first opponent would be Chiki Sakurai and Lunatic Cthulhu!*

Valt: Ready Set!!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys land in the stadium and Cthulhu races for the center as a small vortex of wind began to surround it*

Chiki: Now bring it on, Cthulhu is ready for you!!

Athena: Yes! Knock them out of there!!

*Adeona comes rushing in for the attack but is immediately sent flying back from Cthulhus incredible stamina and defense*

Athena: Cthulhu is a stamina type but its levels of Defense are so high, this is really the only opponent for me that can replicate Lucifer..

Chiki: What's wrong? That's not all you got, is it?

Athena: We're not done yet obviously! Sovereign Symphony!!

*Adeona slams into Cthulhu with all its might and manages to send it flying*

Athena: How's that?!

Chiki: Not bad, seen better! Lunatic Rip!!

*Cthulhu races around the slope of the stadium and slams into Adeona with a fierce attack and burst it almost instantly*

Athena: W-What the-?!

Valt: Lunatic Cthulhu with a burst finish! Chiki Sakurai is the winner!!

Athena: N-No way.. that easily too..?!

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