S2 Chapter 48: Swords Up, Semi-Finals!!

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*The Sparking Legend Tour was now en route back to Japan as the losers of the 2nd Round departed the Cruise Ship and were on their way back. Athena stood alone in the empty arena as she thought about the coming battles*

Athena: Adeona.. later today we'll be standing in this exact spot, facing Aiga. It's hard to believe its over so soon.

*Adeona shined and its voice beamed out in her head*

Adeona: I feel the same way!

*Adeona pulls her into the Avatar world and Adeona looms over her*

Adeona: You've done well so far in this tournament, your efforts are quite impressive.

Athena: Well, i couldn't have done it without you. You are apart of my success.

*Athena could feel how happy Adeona was to hear that*

Adeona: And if you win here, You'll be going on to the finals.

Athena: That's right, and if Lane is there too, we'll blow him to the skies and back!

Adeona: Yeah!!

*The avatar world disappeared and Athena reawakened and saw Aiga standing on the other side of the stadium*

Aiga: Hard to believe we're going to be battling in this exact spot in just a hour or so. I'm stoked to be battling with you again.

Athena: Yeah, it's gonna be a fun battle indeed!

Aiga: It is, i always love battles with you. They're the best in the entire world.

Athena: And i love battles with you, and well... you in general.

*Aigas cheeks flushed red for a moment and he just smiles, Athena smiled as well*


*Lane Valhalla trains harder than ever as he prepares for his battle with Shu Kurenai in a little while! His dark flare burns to life as another Flare begins to burn along with it, golden flames were flowing alongside the darkness that was his Jet-Black Flare!*

Lane: Athena... Shu... just you two wait, i'll crush you both into oblivion!!

*Lane clenches his fists tightly as a plume of gold flare followed it*


The Semi-Finals of the Sparking Legend Tour were finally underway! There was no wasting time, Athena and Aiga made it up to the arena and the 2 eternal rivals and friends stepped up to the stadium*

Athena: Adeona, we're finally here. We're about to battle with one of the greatest Legends ever lived..

Aiga: I hope you're ready because we're not holding anything back, i expect the same thing from you!

Athena: You got it, i'll show you a fun battle!!

Referee: These Semi-Final matches will be first to 3 Points, Spin and Over Finishes are 1 Point, Burst Finishes are 2 points!


*Elaina, Shu, Chiki and Ranjiro were watching the battle from the crowd*

Elaina: Is she gonna be ok? She's up against such a strong opponent.

Shu: Athena will be just fine, Athena and Aiga are best friends, they would never do anything to hurt each other.

Chiki: Besides, Athena has this in the bag!

Ranjiro: Aiga is my friend but i'm very curious to see what Athena can dish out, this is a tough one..


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