S2 Chapter 47: The Greatest Battle Yet!!

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*The next day had come and the Block B Round 2 matches were about to start shortly, Athena talks with Shu about what she had witnessed the day before*

Shu: So Lanes flare is starting to shine at last.

Athena: Yeah, i didn't think it would be this early. Lane on the other is still aggressive as always, no changes there.

Shu: Well either way, it is still progress.

Athena: Yeah i guess... you should be preparing for your match.

Shu: I got plenty of time, don't worry about me.

Athena: Your opponent is Lui, you need all the training you can possibly get.

Shu: While that may be true, i can assure you Lui won't be able to beat us, i can guarantee that.

*Athena lowers her head a bit*

Athena: If you say so.. still you still at least need to be thinking of a plan to take him down.

Shu: I got it all figured out, just sit back and watch is all you can do now. And on the topic of focusing on matches, your Semi-Finals opponent is Aiga and don't forget he is using a new Achilles than he did before. Triumphant Achilles is not going to be an easy bey to beat.

Athena: I already know that and quite honestly, i'm scared. If i lose in the Semi-Finals then that's it for me, there is no going back from that.

Shu: I'm sure you'll come up with something, after all you were able to beat Valt with an unplanned aerial attack, if you were able to do that then you can come up with a strategy to beat Aiga.

Athena: I guess..


*Free De La Hoya stood in one of the training rooms as he talked with Valt for a bit*

Valt: So you're up against Lane huh?

Free: Yeah and you can bet everything that i will win no matter what, he destroyed me back then but i won't let it happen ever again, i can guarantee it.

Valt: What's your plan?

Free: I'm going to absorb its power and try to win by a Spin finish.

Valt: You're not gonna go for a burst?

Free: Trying to burst a bey like Lucifer will require a lot of power.. Power that Fafnir probably won't be able to handle without receiving severe damage, therefore if i can't burst it then i can at least win by a Spin Finish.

Valt: I see.

Free: That said, i'm ready for him.


*The 1st Match for Block B Round 2 was finally on and Lane and Free finally made it to the arena, both bladers stepped up to the stadium*

Lane: Free De La Hoya, it's been quite some time since we last faced off.

Free: Indeed it has, quite honestly i'm not playing any games today, i'm taking you down if it's the last thing i do.

Lane: Tough words coming from someone who lost so badly in the past.

Free: You can trash talk all you want but it'll be me who comes out on top!

Referee: First Battle!!!


*Athena watches from the crowd and she quite honestly didn't know what was now going to happen*

Athena: Lane..


Referee: Ready Set!!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

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