S2 Chapter 46: Stand Your Ground! Going All-Out!!

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*The next day had come and the 2nd Round was finally here, The first match of the day would be Athena VS Valt with Aiga VS Drum shortly after! Athena stood in one of the waiting rooms as she waited to be called up to her battle*

Athena: Valt Aoi, i'm really facing off against one of the strongest bladers in the entire world right here in the middle of the ocean for the world to see.. to think i'm near the level of someone like him this quick.

*Athena notices Shu coming towards her and she smiles*

Shu: You ready? Your match is gonna start shortly.

Athena: Yeah, i'm just.. coming up with a strategy.

Shu: A strategy you say? Well i would hope its a good one, Valt is going to be hard to beat even with a very well thought-out strategy.

Athena: Yeah but no matter what, i'll be the one who wins.

Shu: I like your enthusiasm, i know you can do it.

*Shu turns and walks away and the Round 2 Match 1 was about to begin*


*Athena and Valt were brought up to the arena and they both walked up to the stadium*

Valt: It's been some time Athena, i've been waiting for this battle.

Athena: Yeah, i'm just as excited as anyone else would be.

Valt: I hope your ready because we're not holding back at all!

*Athena smiled as her eyes began to glow with a white light*

Athena: That's perfect, i wouldn't want it any other way!

Referee: First Battle!!


*Shu, Aiga, Ranjiro, Chiki and Elaina were watching from the crowd*

Ranjiro: Athena, if you're really going to use that move then you better hope you mastered it enough yesterday because there's no going back now.

Elaina: Come on Athena!! You got this!!!


*Both bladers take their positions and the battle started*

Referee: Ready Set!!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys were off and they both landed in the stadium with powerful launches!*

Athena: Alright, let's go!!

Valt: Show us what you can do!!

*Adeona and Valkyrie clash with full force as both of them tried to get an edge over each other*

Athena: Don't stop now, keep pushing harder!!

*Adeona and Valkyrie get knocked back and both beys landed on the other ends of the stadium*

Athena: We're going to burst it in one shot!

Valt: You can try but whatever you got won't work on Valkyrie!!

*Both beys collide once more as Adeonas lock hits the burst stopper and both beys were knocked back once more! Adeonas Barrage Driver began to activate and it began to pick up even more speed*

Athena: Barrage Boost!!!

*Adeona began to gain even more speed however it was starting to lose control once again*

Athena: W-What..?!!?!

*Adeona was out of control, it began to slam into the walls repeatedly and its own stamina was starting to fizzle out*

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