S2 Chapter 45: Full Strength, Believe It!!

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*The day of the final matches of Block B Round 1 were about to start and Athena and her friends made it to the arena to watch*

Athena: It's gonna be Lui and his Longinus VS Xhaka and his Xcalibur, i'm very curious to see who wins this amazing battle.

Valt: Xhaka and Lui are both apart of the Spin Emperors along with Shu and Zac. A battle like this ought to be interesting.

Aiga: Xhakas strength is the real deal so i have a feeling he might come out on top.

Ranjiro: However, Lui is not one to be underestimated but you're right, Xhaka has proven to be a tough opponent for anyone, this could go either way.

*Athena listened to their conversation and she looked down towards the stadium as the match was about to begin*


*The 2 bladers arrive and they walk up to the stadium. It took no time at all and Lui was already bursting into a fit of laughter*

Lui: Xhakuenji Kaiza, i've been looking forward to the day where we finally get to battle.

Xhaka: Yeah, this Zone Xcalibur will send you flying! Think your almighty Longinus can be able to take its full force?

Lui: I was honestly about to ask you the same thing, if we're talking about raw power then Longinus will win 24/7! Xcalibur i'll admit has a good bit of raw power but Longinus is easily superior!

Referee: First Battle!!

*Both bladers take their position and the battle was about to start*

Referee: Ready Set!!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!!

*The beys land in the stadium and both beys race around the stadium at full speed*

Xhaka: Go Xcalibur!!

*Xcalibur wastes no time going on the attack and it begins to launch a fierce volley of blows as it forces its opponent to the wall and its attacks kept pinning it there*

Xhaka: Yes, keep it up!!

*Xcalibur keeps slamming it into the wall with each and every blow from its deadly metal sword*


Athena: If this keeps up, Longinus won't make through the battle long enough to even fight back!

Valt: I wouldn't be so sure about that.

*Everyone looks at Valt in surprise*

Valt: Lui won't be done in so easily.


Lui: Do you really think Longinus will fall to such a pitiful assault?

Xhaka: I do know that if this keeps up, Longinus won't have the stamina to be able to pull off an attack.

Lui: Is that what you truly believe? You're simply falling into my trap!!

*Longinus ricochets off the wall and manages to land a devastating counter and send Xcalibur flying back*

Xhaka: So that's what you were planning... You waited for the right moment to find an opening and counter? That's what you were after, wasn't it?

*Lui simply smiles a fierce and toothy smile as his fiery blue hair began to rage like a burning inferno*

Lui: I'll give you credit where it's due but don't think you've made a match for my Longinus just yet!!

*Longinus and Xcalibur come charging in and both beys were engaged in a fierce head to head collision! Streaks of blue and red burst from the stadium and flew past the bladers as the clash ensued*

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