S2 Chapter 44: Destructive Fight! Lucifers Rampage!!

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*Block B's Round 1 was about to begin shortly and Sisco Karlise stood alone in one of the waiting rooms as he waited to be called up to his match, in the meantime, he looked down at his Curse Satan as he began to devise a plan to take down his first opponent, Lane Valhalla.*

Sisco: Dark Matter Lucifer, a Right Rotating Defense Type with an uncanny ability to resist being burst no matter how hard the attack. The ring on its Driver can be lowered once its speed has dropped and it increases its defense and KO resistance.. something as tough as that will not be easy to counter. I think my plan should be to keep it from going into the center before it can set up its defenses..

*Sisco grinned with delight at his own plan*

Sisco: In fact, that's perfect! We'll settle with that, Satan!


*Lane stood alone in one of the other waiting rooms and his Lucifer began to glow with a dark aura, its Flare rising into the air as it flowed past Lanes face*

Lane: Sisco Karlisle, i'm interested to see how well Curse Satan can fight against my Lucifers unrivaled power!

*Lane simply grinned as his flames began to rage even more and burn even hotter*


*Block B Round 1 finally began and both Bladers reached the top of the arena and made it to the stadium for the 1st battle. Sisco stared at Lane with serious eyes as the awful he had done rushed through his mind*

Sisco: Lane Valhalla... this guy has destroyed so many beys over the course of 2 months, a blader like him is the lowest scum ever.. destroying beys simply for his entertainment..

Lane: I really had no interest in facing you but it would appear i have no choice then.

Sisco: You afraid i might defeat you and embarrass you in front of LIVE TV?

Lane: Oh no, you won't defeat me even if you tried. You simply just aren't worth my time.

Sisco: Is that so? Well then, let's see how well that little Spark-Drive bey of yours can do against a classic bey like Satan! You're on my time buddy so let's make this quick!

Lane: A classic you say? That kind of reasoning will be your downfall!

Referee: First Battle!!

*Both bladers took their position and the battle started*

Referee: Ready Set!!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Both beys land in the stadium and Lucifer instantly took the center! Satan comes charging in for the attack*

Sisco: Send them flying! The center is our domain, ya hear?!

*Satan slams into Lucifer and it was the one that was sent flying instead*

Sisco: It's so heavy that moving it from the center is gonna be a hard job after all, that won't stop us though!

Lane: It's pointless to try and force Lucifer out of the center, all you can do is simply watch as your defeat unfolds!

Sisco: Tch.. keep going!!!

*Satan keeps attacking with all its got but nothing seemed to work and Lucifer kept on deflecting the blows*

Sisco: No matter how hard i try, Satan keeps getting sent flying.. is that bey really invincible?!

Lane: It's over..

*Satan slams into Lucifer once more and Lucifer deals a nasty counter which sends Satan flying out of the stadium*

Sisco: W-What the-?!

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