S2 Chapter 43: Explosive First Round! Everyones Bonds!!

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*The last matches of Block A's Round 1 was to start shortly, in the meantime, Aiga meets with Athena to train for a bit*

Athena: Are you really sure i should be your training partner? I mean Adeona isn't a balance type like Diabolos.

Aiga: True but i do need someone to train with and you were pretty much my only option.

Athena: I see. Well let's get to it i guess.

*The 2 of them start their training as sparks shoot throughout the room*


*Delta Akane stood alone in one of the other training rooms and he held his Diabolos in one hand and his launcher in the other. Delta was soon pulled into the avatar world and comes face to face with Diabolos once again*

Delta: Diabolos.

Diabolos: Our opponent is Aiga Akaba, the blader we so desperately needed to consume back in those days! Due to circumstances, we never got the chance but this time, we'll show Achilles our full might!

Delta: Vindictive as always i see, very well. Aiga won't know what hit him.

*Diabolos mouth seethes with flames as he growls softly*

Diabolos: Do you have a strategy to defeat Aiga?

Delta: Still trying to figure that out..

Diabolos: Well you better figure out something, the match is only in a few minutes.

Delta: I'll think of something, however i count on you to do your part.

*Diabolos snarls as his wings began to burn even hotter*

Diabolos: Don't i always?

*The avatar world disappeared and Delta simply just smiled as he continued to train*


*Athena and Aiga continued to train and they eventually moved on to the part where they needed to come up with a plan to beat Diabolos*

Athena: Diabolos will most likely be going on the offensive with Death Diabolos, the safest bet is to counter with Attack or defend the center with Defense mode. Stamina mode will just get tossed around from its attacks.

Aiga: Defense Mode will probably be the most safest, i don't think Achilles would be able to take the full power of Diabolos in any other mode.

Athena: Hence why Defense Mode, If you can successfully repel Diabolos' attacks then Achilles' victory is sealed.

Aiga: Yeah. Defense Mode it is.

---A little while later---

*The 3rd Match in Block A Round 1 was starting now and both Aiga and Delta stepped up to the stadium*

Delta: Aiga Akaba, it's been a long time coming but we're going to win this battle.

*Delta grins as his eye began to glow with a red aura*

Aiga: You can try all you like but we're not going down so easily!

*Delta held up his Bey, Death Diabolos and it began to glow with a red and black aura*

Aiga: Death Diabolos, so he's gonna fight on the offensive first... Just as i thought, in that case, we're going to play in Defense Mode.

*Aiga switches Xtend+' into its Defense Mode and the battle started*

Referee: First Battle! Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys land in the stadium and Achilles took the center immediately as Diabolos came charging in for the blow*

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