S2 Chapter 41: Breaking Through! The Battle Royale Of Legends!!

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*It was the next day and the 2nd Stage of the Sparking Legend Tour was to begin later that night, Athena Valhalla talked with Shu and Valt once again about her newly recovered power*

Shu: So the Nexus Mark is back you say?

Athena: Yeah and i think i have a way i can use it for good intentions unlike before.

*Athena slid down her collar and the mark resided at the base of her neck which almost came down to her breast*

Shu: So what do you propose?

Athena: Well i want to use it in the Battle Royale tonight, i want to know what i'm working with.

Valt: You want to use it now?

Shu: In the Battle Royale where other bladers will be battling, i don't know..

Athena: Well do you have any other ideas? Besides, my willpower has gotten a lot stronger since the Snake Pit, i won't let it control me like it did then, i promise.

Shu: I don't know, especially since Lane is battling too, it'll be risky when he finds out about it.

Athena: He's going to find out one way or another, it's now or never.

Shu: What do you plan to use it on?

Athena: I only want to use it against Lane but i won't hesitate to use it against my other opponents if i need to.

Valt: Your Nexus Mark is stronger than Lanes Devils Mark, Lane won't stand much of a chance.

Athena: I only want to use it against him because its my best chance at bringing him back. If me and Lane face off in the finals then i intend to end this for good and i'm not playing around anymore! Aiga was right, I need to take this more seriously and i intend to with every cell of my being.

*Shu sighed and looked at her with hesitation*

Shu: Alright.. but if something happens there won't be anything i can do.

*Athena nods and she looked down at Adeona with a slight smile*

---A few minutes later---

Athena: Well, let's activate this thing...

*The Nexus Mark activated for the first time in a long time and it glowed with a purple light, Stripes began to cover her chest and face as they wrapped around her arm. Athena felt a slight burning sensation but it wasn't anything she couldn't handle. When the activation process was over, Athena looked in a mirror and a marking was going through her eye and it stopped at her forehead as jagged points were coming off the ends of the stripe, the same stripe like markings were wrapped around her body and arms and legs.*

Athena: No wings unfortunately.. looks like i'm gonna get a lot stronger in order for this to get stronger but it's going to be tough, i can't let this thing control me once again.. not after everything that happened.

*The Nexus Mark deactivated and all the markings began to recede and go back inside. Athena looked down at her bey as her purple and white flare glowed to life and it swirled around her*

Athena: I need to get better at securing my foothold on this mark, I want to be able to use this in my final battle against Lane and i'll end this painful journey for good.. nothing more.

*Adeona glowed and it showered Athena in a veil of light as she closed her eyes*

---A little while later---

*Lane Valhalla stood in the middle of a training room and his Flare glowed around him as he yelled out in absolute anger and despair*

Lane: How!? How could i lose to someone like him?!? Everything was perfect, i should've been the victor!!

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