S2 Chapter 40: The Ultimate Bonds! Triumphant Achilles!!

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*A day had passed since Aiga had remade his new Achilles and was to have a rematch with Lane in a few hours. Aiga stood in one of the training rooms as he looked down at his newly evolved bey*

Aiga: Achilles.. we're finally going to have a rematch with that guy, we're not going to get another chance to so we have to make this count.

*Achilles glowed and Achilles simply smiled*


*Athena spoke to Shu and Valt about Aigas new bey*

Shu: I had a feeling he would go out of his way and make a new Achilles.

Athena: I still think he made a terrible mistake battling with a damaged bey but i'm happy he's doing ok now.

Shu: There was really nothing he could've done, there was no time to make repairs.

Athena: He could have forfeited Shu!

Shu: But is that the kind of blader Aiga is though? I didn't think so. Aiga is never going to forfeit no matter what.

Athena: Yeah but.. he didn't need to go through the pain of losing his bey again, i didn't need to see that happen!

Shu: That's not up to you. If Achilles was damaged in your battle with him then his bey getting destroyed by Lane who intentionally broke it is bound to happen.

Athena: S-Shu..!?

Shu: I need you to understand that sometimes things are going to happen whether we like it or not, it's apart of life.

*Athena nodded and Valt finally chimed in*

Valt: Besides, Aiga is doing a lot better since then. He'll be fine, he's tougher than that to fall for Lanes illusions.

*The word "Illusion" flooded Athenas mind and she remembered the weird dream she had the night before and she looked up at Shu*

Athena: That reminds me.. i have to tell you something...

Shu: What is it?

Athena: I had a weird vision last night

Shu: A vision?

Athena: It's hard to describe, i felt like i was going 1,000,000 MPH and i saw myself but it really wasn't myself.

Shu: How so?

Athena: She looked different, she had angel wings and her hair was all long and wavy in a odd type of way. I didn't feel fear or anything, i felt kind of at peace there.

*Shu's eyes widened at the figures description, he had a feeling he knew what she was referring to.*

Shu: Athena, i want to talk with Valt for a second. Can you leave the room for a second?

Athena: Sure..

*Athena leaves the room and Valt looks over towards Shu with a look of concern*

Valt: What are you thinking Shu?

Shu: I'm thinking that with the description of what she saw in her vision, it's safe to say we need to keep an eye on her at all times.

Valt: What's wrong?

Shu: That description.. she saw something.

Valt: What was it?

*Shu looks towards Valt with a distraught look*

Shu: She saw her future, if she saw herself with wings of an Angel then that can't mean anything good..

Valt: Well that should be a good thing right?

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