S2 Chapter 38: A Grand Revolution! Fierce Battle!!

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*Athena walked through the halls of the Cruise Ship, a few days had past since the first few matches of the 1st Stage and the Cruise Ship was entering the Japanese Port to refuel and head back out, the Cruise would stay in the middle of the Pacific Ocean right above the Mariana Trench. Once refueling was finished and fuel canisters were brought on board, the Sparking Legend Tour was back on.*

*Athena stopped at a nearby training room and heard Aiga training inside, she goes in and was in absolute shock at what she saw. Aiga was dripping in sweat and his hair and clothes were soaked*

Athena: Aiga!!

*Aiga looked over towards her as his eyes were glowing a red aura

Athena: Aiga are you alright?

Aiga: What do you want?

Athena: A-Aiga.. i am just concerned about you, you don't really look so good right now.

Aiga: I've been training for the past 3 hours non stop, i have to defeat Lane no matter what! I need to get in all the training i can before my match!

Athena: Aiga, your match isn't until tomorrow evening. You have plenty of time to train!

Aiga: You just don't get it do you?!

Athena: H-Huh?

Aiga: I cannot under any circumstance let Lane defeat me like he did before.. i will not let him destroy Achilles and i'll do whatever it takes to make sure that does not happen!

Athena: Aiga..

Aiga: That said, i don't want to see you or any other member of your family for a while.. i need to win this alone and alone i will win!

Athena: Aiga! Don't say that!!

Aiga: It just occurred to me but you are the reason Achilles was destroyed! Because of you, you gave him more opportunities to get stronger and even more dangerous! In fact, you've had Adeona destroyed by him twice well now you know the pain everyone else felt when they lost their beys to him.

Athena: Aiga.. i..-

Aiga: Just go. i don't want to talk to you right now.

*Athena looked down at the ground for a moment and looked up back at Aiga who turned back towards the stadium*

Athena: You know i may have responsible behind Lanes surge in power and unintentionally gave him more resolve to get stronger but the one you should shout at is him instead, i never destroyed Achilles and i never had the intention to so why i'm being the one shouted at is beyond me. 

*Athena turned and started to leave but she stopped at the door*

Athena: You know if you don't want to see or talk to me then you made the mistake of becoming friends with me. I was a good friend and i really thought you would hold up your end of the bargain but it seems i was wrong.

*Aiga straightened as his eyes widened a bit and he heard the door close, Athena had left*


*Athena walked through the halls of the Cruise Ship and she saw the spreadsheet for the next matches for the day, the sun was already starting to set so the battles would begin shortly! The battles were Drum VS Free and Xhaka VS Sisco. The following matches for the next day were Phi VS Daina and Aiga VS Lane. The bladers partaking in the Stage 2 Battle Royale so far were Athena, Valt, Shu and Zac, the final 4 were yet to be revealed and they were to be decided with the coming battles*

Athena: Drum and Frees match is today and so is Xhaka and Sisco. Should be pretty interesting, Phi and Daina are battling tommorow and Aiga is facing Lane, sucks for him i guess..

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