Out for Revenge

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Season 2, Episode 1: Out for Revenge
Written by Marc Shawn Serrano & The Vocalizers

Scene 1

Marky: (whispers) Am I going to be alone?

Cindy: (Sympathetic) No, Marky.
Everything is going to be okay.
We just need to find your brothers. That's all.

(Texts Benjamin's mom)
Don't you worry.
You might have to spend the night at your friend Ben's house — while I go look for them.

Marky: Benny?!
But mom — Everyone makes fun of him.
That's not fair.
I don't want to — He's not my friend.

Cindy: Well... You don't have a choice!
I have to go find your brothers.

I'm gonna be giving this principal of yours — a kick in her ass!
I knew that this would happen.
Your brothers need to come back home!
(Almost cries) This is so stressful.

Marky: I'm sure they're here somewhere, mom.
Are they at home?
Cindy: No. They're not. I looked everywhere.
They're gone!

Marky: I can't believe this!
Cindy: I stopped by there (on the way here) and they were not home. CPS is gonna be on my case again.
This time, it's not my fault.

Marky: But if they're not there mom —
I think...
Cindy: Do you know where they are at?
Well? Speak.
Marky: I think...
Cindy: Marky?
Marky: Mom....They must be at the park.
Cindy: At the park?
You've got to be kidding me.
Cindy: Heritage Park?
Marky: Yes. Near the Pine.

Scene 2:
The Interlude

Scene 3:
Hans's Masterplan

Hans: Krampen. (Slowly)
I've got him wrapped around my finger. (Chuckles Devilishly) Little does he know, his time here has an expiration date!
And his side-kick (Scuffles)
Should've turned 18 years old this year.
Oh — Things are going exactly according to my plan.
This year, I'm canceling Christmas (once and for all) & I will drive the Queen completely mad.

For —This isn't the season to be Jolly.
It's time to make Jollyland "hell" again.

Her only son will go missing and
It'll bring me so much pleasure watching her cry.
Her little miracle wasn't a miracle at all.
(Laughs) And one day
Jollyland will be all * mine! * (Evil laugh)

But not only that — Oh no.
Christmastime will be all mine too.
Oh yes.
I will get my own special day!
(Jubilant) It'll be a Holiday.
And I —
(Slowly) I will... eat... them...all....

Krampus: Boo.
Hans: Krampus. What a surprise.
How're you feeling?

Krampus: Lonely.
I'm ready to get this over with.

Hans: Perfect timing.
You know, I was just... uh... thinking about you.

Krampus: You—You were?

Hans: And how lucky I was to find you.

Krampus: You unleashed me from the depths of hell. I'm forever indebted to you.

Hans: Oh, don't worry about it. Like I said before —you owe me nothing, Krampus.
I'm just happy that you're back.
Krampus: You reversed the curse and now — I just want to be left alone.
Hans: Ah ha! That's what I am talking about.
Wait... I thought you were going to say that you wanted revenge?

Krampus: Revenge?
Against who?
My brother?

Scene 4:
Cindy Gets Arrested

Marky: Mom.
Don't get mad.

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