S2 Chapter 36: Take Off! Grand Voyage!!

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(This chapter marks the start of the Sparking Legend Tour Arc which will go on until Chapter 52 which will be the last chapter of the story*

*The Sparking Legend Tour Cruise Ship was now in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, just right off the coast of California, United States. Crowds gathered on beaches as a projection of the coming battles of the 1st Stage Exhibition Battles was going to be emitted from a projector on the top of the ship. Meanwhile, Announcer Hanami got into his booth and came on the screen*

Hanami: Ok all you boys and girls! Today is the start of the long awaited Sparking Legend Tour!! This marks the 1st Stage of the tournament and this will be kicked off with Single Exhibition matches, however the winners of these matches will face off in a battle royale in the 2nd Stage! Lastly, Everyone is come together again and face off in a single elimination bracket in the final stage so if someone loses there then they are out of the tournament and their chances of going to the finals are shot.

*Athena who had been watching closely marked word of this, if she lost in the Final Stage then she would be out of the tournament for good, it wouldn't matter if she lost the lost the Single Battles or the battle royale if she made it, she could not afford to lose in the Single Elimination Stage.*

Athena: You heard what he said Adeona, we can't lose in the final stage or else we're screwed.. already bad enough i'm facing Rantaro in the 1st Stage.

Hanami: Our first matches for the day will be Legend Of Legends Valt Aoi and his Brave Valkyrie VS The White Tyrant Lui Shirasagijo and his Rage Longinus, an epic clash of titans and in the second match we have the Mythical White Spark Athena Valhalla and her evolved Sovereign Adeona VS The Head Honcho Rantaro Kiyama and his Glide Ragnaruk! Later today we'll have the 

*Athena looked at the screen and observed Rantaros bey, Glide Ragnaruk Wheel Revolve 1S*

Athena: Glide Ragnaruk, a stamina type with 3 Stamina wings that help reduce its stamina loss. Its heavy Wheel disk and 1S Chassis give it some incredibly heavy weight and its Revolve Driver is no joke either. A simple bey but also going to be tough to beat even with a type advantage.

*Athena rose to her feet as her bey began to shine with a white flare*

Athena: Adeona, we're not going to be showing any mercy! Let's beat Honcho and advance to the Battle Royale!


*Valt and Rantaro were talking for a bit before the matches started*

Valt: Are you excited about your match with Athena?

Rantaro: It's definitely going to be interesting, i've always been curious to see what her new bey can really do.

Valt: I don't think you'll be disappointed, she's definitely gotten a lot stronger since her evolution.

*Rantaro kept staring down at the stadium as his Ragnaruk continued to spin in the center of the stadium and began to slow down*

Rantaro: We all fought together with her at Valhalla Manor all those months ago, it only feels like yesterday when Athena fought him in New York.

Valt: I know what you mean, nobody could ever forget a battle like that.

Rantaro: She put a lot of work into her training for that battle so she deserved every right to win. Nobody will ever go through the pain and stress she has to go through for one person.

Valt: And nobody ever should.

*Valt and Lui's names were called and they were called up to their match, Valt walked up to the lift as he waited for it to come down*

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