S2 Chapter 35: Explosive Clash! The Bonds Of Legends!!

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*It was the next day and Wakiya had arranged for some Single Battles to be held in the place of the dropped Tag Battle format for the 1st Stage of the tournament. Athena and the Legends stood in the arena as they waited for Wakiya, they all knew only 4 battles were gonna be held that day with 2 Battle Royales held the day after and the Single Elimination Tournament would be held about 3-4 days afterwards.*

Athena: Wakiya sure is taking his sweet time.

Valt: I'm sure he'll be along shortly.

Phi: Well it's been at least 15 Minutes now, is it too much for him just to be on time?

*After about another 10 minutes, Wakiya finally showed up and he had the spreadsheet for the days exhibition battles*

Wakiya: Terribly sorry for the wait but we just finalized the matches for todays battles, anyway we have 4 matches in total. They are Lane Valhalla vs Phi, Aiga Akaba VS Valt Aoi, Free De La Hoya VS Sisco Karlisle and Delta Akane VS Drum Koryu. 

*Athena perked up with a bit of concern which started to boil down into disappointment and sadness, She wasn't apart of the battles*

Wakiya: Well with that said, good luck. First match will start shortly so Lane and Phi, just stay out here.

*Wakiya walked off stage and Athena chased after him*

Athena: Wait!

Wakiya: Athena? What is it?

Athena: There has to be a mistake. Why am i not battling?

Wakiya: It was randomized out of 16 and there are only 4 Matches we are doing until tommorrow.

Athena: But i really wanted to battle.

Wakiya: I know you did but like i said, there are 16 of you guys out there and it was randomized completely. You just happened to be one of the few that didn't make it for the exhibition matches but if it makes you feel any better, you're actually up first in the 3rd and Final Stage of the tournament so that's a plus. Just so you know, you're up against Daina and his spooky Hollow Deathscyther.

*Athena kinda just looked down and nodded*

Athena: Alright..


*Phi took some time to train before his match with Lane Valhalla and he began to think*

Phi: Lane Valhalla.. an interesting subject indeed. He's the brother of Athena Valhalla as expected and his bey is the infamous Lucifer, a Defense Type just like my Phoenix..

*Phi's Eternal Phoenix spun in the center of the stadium and Phi just smiles as his aura began to glow. Phoenix began to emit an orange and yellow light as it released a high pitched ringing sound. Phi heard his name being called and that was his cue to head on up to his match. He walked through the halls and thoughts went through his head*

Phi: Dark Matter Lucifer, it has Burst Stoppers in its layer and its driver allows it to not be easily knocked out or pushed back by an opposing bey. I'll have to go all out in this battle and maybe reawaken a long lost power..

*Phi's eyes narrow as the sclera of them turned black for a split second. The bladers head up the lift to the battle. when they reach the arena, they walk up to the stadium and Lane just smiled*

Lane: Phi, God Of Destruction they used to call you.. oh how the mighty god has fallen.

*Phi just looks down at Lane unamused*

Phi: You really think taunting me over my past is going to get under my skin, you're gonna have to try a lot harder than that. I may not go by the title of God Of Destruction anymore but i'm still Phi and i'm just as strong as i was then.

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