S2 Chapter 34: The Bonds That We Share!!

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3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The bladers had launched and the beys landed in the stadium and Lucifer took center stage right off the bat! Ragnaruk comes charging in for the blow*

Rantaro: That center belongs to me!!

*Ragnaruk slams into Lucifer with full force and tried to push it out of the center but gets sent flying back and never even layed scratch on it*

Rantaro: Our attack didn't work?!

Aiga: Let's go! Achilles!!

Valt: Valkyrie!!

Athena: Adeona!!

*The 3 beys collided and all 3 bladers yelled out as neither one was willing to give an inch! The 3 beys get sent flying back and Adeona was immediately pinned between Valkyrie and Ragnaruk in a fierce onslaught of attacks! Achilles was now focusing its attention on Lucifer*

Lane: Dark Matter Dropper!!

Aiga: Cut them to pieces! Infinite Sword!!

*The ring on the Dropper Driver drops down and Achilles slams into it with its swords glowing brightly but it gets blown back from Lucifers incredible defenses! Athena looks down at the chaos that ensued in the stadium and clenched her fists*

Athena: We're not gonna lose!!

*Adeonas flare glows to life and Lane stared down at the stadium in awe*

Athena: Sovereign Bounce!

*Adeona uses its rubber blades to absorb Valkyrie and Ragnaruks attacks and send them both flying*

Valt/Rantaro: What the-?!

Athena: Alright! 

*Adeona finally recovered and its driver activated and it sped up greatly as it races onto the 4th Level of the stadium*

Athena: Adeona!!

*Adeona races off the 4th Level and dove straight for Ragnaruk*

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*Adeona races off the 4th Level and dove straight for Ragnaruk*

Rantaro: Bring it on! We're just getting warmed up! Glide Tornado!!

*Adeona and Ragnaruk collide with all their might while Valkyrie and Achilles focus their attention on Lucifer*

Lane: Dark Matter Guard!!

Aiga: Infinite Sword!!

Valt: Brave Sword!!

*The 3 beys collide and a fierce explosion of different colors bursts out of the stadium as the 5 bladers yell out with full determination, however Athenas was the loudest as her Flare was radiating brightly! The 3 Legends and Lane looked at her in amazement at her newly displayed power. The 5 beys disengage from their attacks and race around the stadium and head to the center with the next attack*

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