S2 Chapter 33: Prince Of The Black Sun! Dark Matter Lucifer!!

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*Athena and Lane stood at the center of the abandoned factory and both of them looked over towards the entrance as Valt and everyone else finally made it*

Valt: Athena!

Wakiya: What do you think you are doing?! That explosion had us worried sick!!

Athena: I'm fine! It was just from the First Battle, that's all.

*Shu looked at her and noticed that something was different about her, like she was a bit more serious about things than usual. She was always serious about her goal but she was never this serious before.*

Shu: Something is going on with her..


Lane: Athena Valhalla, do you really believe that you can take on my new Lucifers wrath? Apart of the Spark-Drive System just like your Adeona, let's see if you have what it takes to win!

*Athena stared at Lane and then looked down at Adeona as it glowed and pulled her into the Avatar World, both entities had their backs turned to each other and Adeona began to speak to Athena*

Adeona: Dark Matter Lucifer, The Prince Of The Black Sun.. You may have to come up with your own plan to defeat it because this bey is nothing like i've ever experienced before.

*Athena looked down and clenched her fists*

Athena: Yeah.. i'll figure something out.

Adeona: There seems to be something else.. is something bothering you...

Athena: I'm no longer going to be playing nice with Lane.. i can't let him wreak havoc in the Sparking Legend Tour. I may have to go dark for a bit.

*Adeona turned her head and her purple visor gleamed down at Athena*

Adeona: I understand.. Whatever it is, i'll follow through with whatever you want to do.

Athena: Thank you Adeona, i don't care if anyone is with me on this. This is a choice i have to do by myself, i don't need anyones help to get Lane back.

Adeona: You aren't thinking of abandoning your friends are you?

Athena: I don't want to but i'll have no choice if it comes down to it.. it'll hurt but i'm willing to face the heartbreak and pain head on and i'm sorry if they'll think i'm a terrible person for it.

Adeona: I see.. Well i hope you have a good plan to defeat Lucifer.

*The avatar world disappears and Athenas eyes opened quickly as they began to glow with a white aura, Valt noticed it too: The change in Athenas behavior*

Valt: Athena.. you...

*Both bladers take their positions and Lane started to grin with a hint of evil*

Lane: Let's see how you combat my Lucifers supreme abilities!

*Athena just looks at him as her eyes began to glow with an aura of light*

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Both beys land in the stadium and Lucifer rushed for the center as its wings expanded and its defenses were put up*

Athena: Now Adeona, full speed ahead!!

*Adeona rushes in and began to fire a fierce barrage of attacks on Lucifer but it kept repelling all the blows*

Lane: Is that all you got?! Bring it on, give us even more!!

*Adeona slams into the wall and used its rubber to rebound itself towards Lucifer with full force*

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