S2 Chapter 32: Devoted Spirits! Tag Battle!!

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*The Tag Battle was about to begin and Lane was smiling an evil smile as all of them took their positions and the Tag Battle was about to start*

Referee: Tag Battle!!

Athena: Dark Matter Lucifer.. just what kind of bey is it?

Valt: Let's see what that bey is capable of..!

Referee: Ready Set!!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The 4 beys land in the stadium and Lucifer immediately took the center with very quick speed as its wings were expanded and Fafnir was racing around the stadium as it came in for a head on collision with Valkyrie*

Valt: I'll handle Fafnir, you handle Lucifer!!

Athena: Yeah!

Free: Bring it!!

*Valkyrie and Fafnir were locked in a fierce head to head clash and Adeona charges straight for Lucifer with full speed*

Athena: Let's go!!

Lane: Bring it on if you think you can!!

*Adeona slams into Lucifer with full force but gets blown back from its incredible defense*

Athena: Tch.. keep trying!!

*Adeona keeps on going and fires a fierce barrage of attacks on Lucifer with all its might*

Lane: You really think attacks like those will break through our defenses?!

*Lucifer sends Adeona flying once again as Valkyrie and Fafnirs clash continued*

Valt: Send them flying with your Brave Sword!!

Free: Fafnir!! Mirage Claw!!

*Fafnir was starting to push Valkyrie back and Adeona comes charging in for the rescue*

Free: What the?!

Athena: Knock em out of here!!

*Adeona charges in from behind and knocks Fafnir out of the stadium with full force*

Free: Tch..!

Valt: Nicely done Athena, now let's finish up with Lucifer!!

Athena: Yeah!!

*Lane just simply smiles as his eyes began to glow with a fierce purple aura*

Lane: It's no use, you should just give up while you can!

Athena: We're never going to give up ever!!

Valt: Yeah, we're gonna end this battle!!

*Lane simply smiles as the ring on Lucifers Dropper driver began to glow as it slowly began to fall closer and closer to the stadium*

Athena: What is it doing?!

Valt: What is that?!

Lane: Dark Matter Dropper!!

*The ring that surrounded the ball was now covering up a bit more of the ball and the ring was closer to the floor of the stadium now*

Athena: No matter, let's end this Valt!!

Valt: Yeah!

Athena/Valt: Let's go!!

*Both beys attacked together and their barrage of attacks were fast and fierce but none of them could break through Lucifers defenses! Adeona comes charging in and deals a vicious attack but Lucifer immediately recovered from it*

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