S2 Chapter 31: Full Powered Mastery! A Battle On A Stormy Night!!

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*It was later that night after Aiga and Lanes fierce battle and Aiga was leading Athena to an undisclosed location for a battle with each other*

Athena: How much further?

Aiga: It's just up ahead, keep going.

*Aiga leads Athena further into the forest and they come out of it and Athenas eyes widened in shock as she immediately recognized the area, it was the same area she and Lane had battled before the Legend League and the cliff were she had fallen off of was broken off, still looked unsafe*

Athena: Why here of all places?

Aiga: Well i mean you said you wanted to have a battle in private and this is one of the only places that isn't taken up by huge crowds? I am aware this is the place where Lane defeated you badly before the League but it's the only place that had no signs of life in sight.

Athena: Well i guess, let's get started i guess.

*Storm clouds started rolling in and thunder started to roar a little bit and lightning flashed within the clouds, Aiga and Athena winced at the sound of thunder and looked up towards the sky and saw the impending storm*

Aiga: Looks like theres a storm coming.

Athena: I guess we have time for 2 battles before it starts getting rough.

Aiga: I guess, let's go!

*Both bladers get set up as Aiga went with his Infinite Swords*

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Both beys land in the stadium as Adeonas burst stopper was deployed and the POM tip emerged from the driver*

Athena: Adeona, now!!!

*Adeona climbs the slope of the stadium and rushes in for the attack*

Aiga: Achilles, full power!!

*Both beys collide with full strength as more thunder boomed out and lightning struck the sea below! Both beys disengage and then fight in a fierce head to head clash*

Athena: Sovereign Symphony unleash!!

Aiga: Infinite Buster!!

*Both beys disengage and climb the slope of the stadium and race back towards the center for a fierce clash*

Athena: Knock them out Adeona!

Aiga: Blow it away Achilles!!

*Both beys collide and both of them get sent flying out of the stadium from the fierce clash. Athena looked down at her hand as it started to rain*

Athena: This is fine, as long as it doesn't get too bad then we should be fine. It's just a little rain, that's all.

*Aiga nodded and both bladers took their positions once again*

Athena: Thunderstorm or not, i'll win this match for sure!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Both beys land in the stadium once again and the rain was starting to pick up! Both beys collide and the stadium was filled with a white burst of light and both beys go flying once again*

Athena: Adeona, get in there!

Aiga: You too Achilles, full speed!

*Both beys were locked in a rapid back and forth collision and more thunder rumbled across the area as lightning struck nearby*

Aiga: Send it flying!!

Athena: Adeona, shine!!

*Both beys collide and both beys get sent flying into the air from the clash! A bolt of lightning strikes right beside them and hits the ocean below them and a earsplitting blast of thunder clapped throughout the area!! Both beys fall back into the stadium and Adeona began to glow brightly*

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