S2 Chapter 30: A Champions Legacy!!

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*The First battle had ended with a draw and Lane Valhalla was staring directly at Aiga with his Flare lit ablaze*

Lane: So Aiga Akaba, you really think you'll be able to defend that title for long? Your reign as the World Champion ends today!

Aiga: Try all you like but i will never ever lose to somebody like you.

*Athena watched from the crowd and stared down at Lane with worry and disappointment, she could feel his darkness from all the way in the crowd*

Athena: Lane...

Aiga: No matter what you say or do, i'll be the one who comes out on top here! I'll defend my title from you if it's the last thing i do!

Referee: Second Battle!!

*Aiga switches his bey into balance mode which featured no Sword or Shield and Dimension' was on the middle height in attack mode*

Lane: So he's going with no Sword or Shield, interesting..

Referee: Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Both beys land in the stadium and Lucifer made a beeline for the center and Achilles comes swooping in for the blow*

Aiga: Alright Achilles! Show them what we're made of!!

*Achilles charges in and begins to deliver a frenzy of devastating attacks on Lucifer as it pinned it to the center of the stadium*

Lane: So you're going to try and burst Lucifer with speed are you? It's no use!!

*Lucifer tries to counter but Achilles wouldn't let it escape and knocked right back into the center*

Lane: W-What the-?! My attack didn't work!

Aiga: Full speed ahead Achilles! Send it flying with all you've got!!

*Achilles used its swords and sent Lucifer flying into the air with a fierce upper attack*

Lane: You're only fanning the flames to my fire, prepare yourself to be destroyed!!

*Lucifer was now on the move and it races onto the 2nd Level and Achilles dives from the 3rd one and falls right towards Lucifer*

Lane: Wait what?!

Aiga: Infinite Dive!!

*Achilles lands directly on top of Lucifer and knocked it high into the air with full force*

Lane: An aerial attack huh? Well you're not the only one who can deal an attack like that!

*Lucifer began to fall back down as its flare glowed to life and it lands directly on top of Achilles with full strength but Achilles had other plans*

Aiga: Do it, Infinite Attack!!

*Using its swords, Achilles sends Lucifer flying out of the stadium with a fierce attack*

Lane: Tch..!

Referee: Infinite Achilles, Over Finish! Aiga Akaba is awarded 1 point!

*The crowd burst into loud cheering and screaming and Lane looked down towards his fallen bey with pure hatred*

Lane: How... how did he manage to knock out Lucifer with an attack like that?!

*Aiga looked back over towards Lane and simply just stared at him as he began to remember what Athena had told him before the match*


Athena: Lucifer will definitely be aiming to break Achilles once again, i think i might have a way to avoid that.

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