S2 Chapter 27: The Battle At Sunset!!

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*The crowd was cheering with all excitement from the result of the first battle, Athena had scored an Over Finish on Lane Valhalla! Ashtem and Silver Eye watched from the pressbox above with Wakiya*

Wakiya: I knew Athena would take the first point!

Ashtem: The battle isn't over just yet, Komurasaki.

Wakiya: Say what?!

Ashtem: Lane has yet to show off his true power and he won't show it until it's time.

*The second battle of Athena and Lanes match was about to start and both of them were given a bit of time to come up strategies for the next battle. Athena stared down at her Adeona as another memory came flooding back*

Athena: Adeona...


It was a hot summer day at the Valhalla Manor and a young Athena and Lane were dressed up in their swimsuits and the played in the sprinklers. Athena and Lane were very happy back in those days as the had never heard of the word "Beyblade" in their life, Athena was pulled out of school because she was not doing very well in her classes and she was being homeschooled.. Athena in the present day missed these days, they were nothing more than bliss for her but nothing is ever easy

A year later when Athena turned 9 Years old, Lane had officially bonded with his First Uranus and had modified it to his liking. Lane had went around America participating in tournaments and winning every single one of them and Lane was becoming obsessed with winning and this was only the start of his Flare taking over him. Athena had no Sparking Bey at this time, she used a generic beyblade combo which was a red Bushin Ashura 0 Xtend Ten; with a bey as fragile as that, she stood no chance before Lanes overwhelming strength.. and everything changed the day Lane left the Raging Bulls...

~Flashback Over~

*The time to come up with a plan was over and it was time to get back to the battles, both bladers step back up to the stadium and the second battle was about to start. Athena smiled brightly as she took her position*

Athena: Lane, Let's do this! Me and Adeona will take on everything you've got.

*Lane simply just stared at her as he took his position, he could feel an odd energy building up inside him and it was making him feel weird*

Lane: W-What is this feeling? Athena, what are you doing to me?!

Referee: Second Battle!!

*Both of their auras were starting to glow with a burning intensity*

Referee: Ready Set!!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Both beys land in the stadium and both beys were kicking things off with a fierce attack! Both beys clash with full strength and Lucifer sends Adeona flying*

Athena: Hang on!!

*Adeona hits the wall and recovers as it begins to climb the 4th Level and race down the slope at full speed*

Athena: Now full speed!!

*Adeona jumps off the 4th Level and dove straight for Lucifer at full force. Lane smiled evilly as he took his chance to counterattack*

Lane: Emperor Flame!

*Lucifer begins to generate an updraft of flames and it rises into the air as a vortex of scorching fires. Athena gasps in shock at Lanes new move!*

Athena: What in the world is that?!

*Adeona was firing a barrage of attacks on Lucifer but none of the attacks were getting through and the flames emitting off of Lucifer was actually repelling the attacks*

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