S2 Chapter 26: A New Shu, Spriggans Retribution!!

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*It was only one day left until Athena and Lanes match and Athena stood on the deck of the cruise ship and she stared off into the distance. Many thoughts rushing through her mind as multiple scenarios of tomorrows battle played through her mind*

Athena: Adeona.. it's just one day left and we're already about to face Lane, tomorrow we'll win and i'll bring Lane to his senses once and for all.

*Shu comes up behind her and calls over to her*

Shu: Athena.

*Athena turned around and looked toward Shu who was still in his new outfit*

Athena: Shu?

Shu: Your match with Lane is tomorrow, we should train so you can be at the top of your game. Lane is getting even stronger by the second so we don't have much time to lose.

*Athena smiled and nods as she got her gear ready*

Shu: Guardian Adeona.. a bey that resembles the White Sun, the complete opposite of Lane; The Black Sun... Let's see what it can do.

Athena: I've battled against Spriggan many times but i can't under any circumstances underestimate Shu, he truly is a strong blader in his own right.

Shu: Let's go!

Athena: Yeah!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Both beys land in the stadium and Spriggan took the center immediately as it went on the defensive*

Athena: Alright Adeona! Get in there!!

*Adeona knocks Spriggan into the air and Shu just smiles as Spriggan landed back in the stadium and started to wobble a bit*

Shu: World Spin!!

*Spriggan used its Free Spin 2B Chassis to repel Adeonas next attack and sent it flying back*

Athena: N-No way!!

*Shu was brought into a black void and he immediately sprouted the wings of Spriggan as his aura flowed around him*

Shu: This battle belongs to us!!!

*Athena watched in surprise at Shu's incredible power, her eyes widening! Spriggan was repelling all of Adeonas attacks and was even zapping away its momentum*

Athena: Keep going Adeona!!

*Adeona came back in for the attack but its blows were incredibly weak from its stamina loss*

Athena: Adeona, hang in there!!

*Adeona was beginning to lose all of its momentum rapidly as its attacks were getting weaker and weaker*

Athena: Adeona!!

Shu: It's over!!

*Spriggan comes back around and sends Adeona flying into the skies*

Athena: N-No way..!

*Adeona came falling back down and it hits the ground behind Athena as she looks back in shock*

Shu: Is that all?

Athena: H-Huh?

Shu: I know that's not all you've got.

*Athena looked at Shu with a look of surprise and nodded and went to pick up her bey*

Athena: Adeona, he's right.. we can do way better than this! Let's show him our true power..!

*Shu began to change his Spriggan into Left Spin Attack Mode*

Shu: Let's go!

*Both bladers take positions and the next battle started*

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