Chapter 1: Twin Realities

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Two young individuals were walking down a small dirt path together. A small path that led up a heal to a rather large building. Two males who seemed to be around the same age, looking as if they were only six or seven years old. The two were wearing small bags on their back as they walked down the street. At first glance the two seemed rather similar being around the same age and around the same height, even wearing almost identical clothes. However, it would take only a few seconds for one to realize just how different the two truly are compared to one another.

The male on the right had a rather slim figure appearing much skinner than one would expect. He had short neatly kept platinum blonde hair, with dark emerald green eyes. This male's name was King, and the figure next to him was named Adam. He appeared to have a slightly more muscular frame, with hair a strange mix between red and brown creating an almost worn copper to look it, and deep hazel brown eyes.

"What do you think we're going to have when we get there?" Adam asked as he looked at the male next to him. King shrugged hearing this as they continued to walk.

"I don't know, but if we have enough leftovers from yesterday we might just be having stir-fry again," King said as they continued to walk down the path they were on.

"Yeah . . . we should hurry, we don't want mister Williams to worry about is," Adam said as he began to walk a bit faster. As he did King nodded and began to walk a bit faster with him looking up at the building as he did. The building appeared to be roughly two stories tall, with three main portions of the building. The center which stood out acting like an entrance, and the left and right wings of the building.

As the two got closer a sign in front of the building eventually came into sight. A sign that said 'Fairbell Orphanage' and underneath it a few sentences about the building in question. This was the building that the two were forced to call their home. A building that the two had been living in for as long as they could remember. It took the two only a few minutes to reach the building. As they were walking up the steps the door opened and a middle-aged male that was mostly bald opened up the door.

He had dull black hair that was beginning to turn grey giving what little hair he had an almost salt and pepper look to it, the male appeared to be slightly overweight with his belly jiggling every so often and dull blue eyes. When the male saw the two he sighed with a relieved expression. "Oh there you two are, I was starting to worry," The male said as he looked at them.

"Someone ran into a street lamp, we had to wait for them to remove the car," Adam said as he looked at the male in front of him.

"Oh, well that's unfortunate," The male said as he closed the door. "I certainly hope everyone's alright," The male said as he moved in front of the two. When he did the two stuck out their arms to form the letter 'T' as they looked at the male in front of him. When they did the male bent down on one knee to get a better look at them starting by looking at Adam. "Turn," The male said as he looked at Adam causing him to turn in place.

"Seems good, you should be able to wear it tomorrow as well," The male said causing Adam to nod and begin to walk past him. As he did King did the same moving in front of the male and turning slightly.

"I had gym today," King said as he did.

"Gym huh?" The male said as he stood back up, making a slightly high-pitched sound as if he were thinking about something. "Eeehhh, we'll wait and see. Take them off, I'll leave them out to hang and if they still smell tomorrow I'll wash them," The male said as he looked at the male in front of him. King nodded hearing this and began to make his way down the wide halls of the building.

The building was remarkably clean, almost spotless in fact, especially the first floor since the majority of the time the kids weren't down there. As King walked down the hall he began to pass a wall with several photos on it, and little plaques beneath them indicating the year they were taken. Starting with the year '1975' with a new picture being taken every ten years. Each photo was filled with kids of varying ages and one adult to the side.

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