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The 3 gods and the flower witch. (Bts story)

Sum: A blood thirsty war shall be fault for the power of the three worlds. Ye thre shall fall in love with the same mortal , whoms voice cleanses ye's minds of hatred. Thou once the's do, the mortal shall perish in a painful fiery death by its own kind. Causing three powerful plunges onto those whom had wish death upon that pure and innocent mortal. For when this happens ye shall hear their cry, feeling their pain and irony for the loss of their heart for themselves.

Why me? (Bts story)

Sum: A story where jhope, a street dancer who wants to go home, catches the heart of three ladies of different timelines, Becky G, Tiana, and Medusa. The three of them fight to win his heart, only one can remain or can there be thrice? Find out later on, "Why me?"

"You are the most pretty woman I ever saw in my whole life, and I wish I could have married you, my lady."

"I love you to the moon and back, I will find you again."

"You should follow the beat of the music, darling."

Three women of different timelines, one man. Lets see how this plays out.

Short... (bts story)

Sum: Namjoon has a huge problem.... yet it's only 5 inches tall? You may be wondering how something as tiny as 5 inches can do any harm, but that's not the case for this, oh god no!

Yoongi, a normal, poor, suffering with studies student, ends ya finds out his very clumsy, god of destruction roommate, is a witch? And of course knowing his luck he just so happened to scare namjoon, causing his witch roommate to spill a potion on him.

//the one who got possessed//

Sum: "ya'know, you two kinda remind me of Pinetree, a little duckling and a kitten!"

"How about you fuck off, give us our brother back, and leave us alone!"

"Or I stay I this body and take my new toys with me?"

"Can you please give him back, pretty please with a cherry on top!"

"... Fine!"


"But I only get half control."

"Okay, just don't do anything stupid and you must follow directions."


A crossover between BTS and Gravity Falls.

My other older brother?

Sum: A story where Inuyasha ends up in a coma after a accident, and his mind switches with an Inuyasha's mind in another dimension. A dimension where Sesshomaru loved him as a brother, a time where nothing went wrong. A time he had a family that loved him. But even then, happiness doesn't last forever doesn't it? You can't always have what you want. Love is always blind, you will never see the truth. Even if that person was using or planing to kill you. Even if that person was a complete psycho path. You will always see what they want you to see.

A story where Sesshomaru has a race and war between him and his opposite version over his younger brother. Where he realizes the pain his blood went through. But a demon lord can only last so long, not everything is immortal, not even Sesshomaru, especially when you are in the process of being erased.. right?

A story where his friends need to learn more about the half-demon friend. Where they learn what he truly wants. Why he wanted to be a full demon.
Why he wanted to be stronger. Why he and his brother fought so much.

Oopsie daisy?

Sum: If me, amy, juli, lakyla, And Stephanie were to be stuck  in many animes.

"Amy, why did you push the big blue button."
"Its blue and big-"
"That is not an excuse!"
"Yea it is I am older than you respect me!"
"And I am some how smarter than."
"Wait is that juli?"
"Oh in the name of Kim namjoon."

No title...yet I'm still thinking of one.

Warning ⚠️ THEREE WILL BE SPOILERSSS!,! so if you did not watch it yet it on Netflix.

Sum: it takes place during eps 11. If We-gen did not come to Mun when he called desperately for her, but instead Sesshomaru came? Is Sesshomaru a evil spirit? Is Mun now a evil spirit host? Will the others believe him. Find out on *no title... yet I'm still thinking of one.*

The uncanny counter and inuyasha crossover.

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