S2 Chapter 23: Special Training! Jet Wyverns Challenge!!

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*It was only 4 days left until Athenas scheduled match with Lane. It would've been sooner but the team still needed some time getting the repaired stadium set up. Athena took a little stroll through the cities of Japan as she took a look at all the famous different locations like Beigoma Academy, The Rebel Bey-Club Gym, The Spark Devils, The Victories and more. Her final stop was at Wakiyas place which she had visited before when she had participated in the Legend League a month or so prior*

Athena: I need a strategy in order to beat Lane so maybe Wakiya can help me..

*She walks in and she walked the elaborate halls that was Wakiyas mansion and she eventually reached the training area where she finds Wakiya who was standing at one of the stadiums*

Athena: Wakiya!

*Wakiya turned and looked towards her as she came walking over*

Wakiya: Athena, what is it?

Athena: I've been thinking, my match with Lane is just in a few days and i came to the realization that i haven't really done any sort of real training, i need to be fully ready in 4 days so i can beat Lane with no issues. Whatever training you got for me, i'll do it, no questions asked!

*Wakiya smiled as he called over one of his butlers*

Wakiya: Alright then, there'll be 2 things we'll be doing for your training.

Athena: What would that be?

Wakiya: First you'll have a little run on the Komurasaki VR Machine!

Athena: A VR Machine?

Wakiya: Yep, it's a simulator that'll help train you against all sorts of opponents. The data of every Legendary Blader is within its database. Considering you want to train to defeat Lane then you'll be needing to face up against Defense Type legends

Athena: Alright then, let's get started!!

*Athena and Wakiya walk up to the room where the Simulator was plugged in and there was 2 spots for 2 bladers*

Athena: Theres another spot for another blader..

Wakiya: Don't worry, this simulator can be used on 1 or 2 people so you're all good.

*Athena stood on the Player 1 platform and she looked back at Wakiya who was now stood behind a desk as he put on an earpiece*

Athena: So what now?

Wakiya: Just place your bey on the scanner and it'll analyze your data and you'll be ready to use the VR Simulator.

*Athena placed her bey on the scanner and the machine began to scan Adeona and Athena was it emitted a low humming sound and it then released a loud dinging sound*

Computer: Data scan complete. Blader Athena Valhalla and Guardian Adeona.

Wakiya: Well that's your cue, the goggles for the Simulator are right in front of you and you can put them on whenever you're ready.

*Athena put on the VR Goggles and she was immediately transported to a white virtual void and she could still hear Wakiyas voice*

Wakiya: I've picked out the all the Legendary Bladers who are known for using Defense Type bladers, your options are: Sisco, Phi, Gwyn, Me, Boa or Lane.

*Athena scrolled through all the options and she finally picked her perfect opponent: Gwyn Ronny*

Wakiya: Gwyn Ronny huh? Interesting choice! Gwyns bey is Utopia Genesis, a right spin defense type. The location for this match will be... the Grand Arena.

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