S2 Chapter 22: Athenas Shining Flare!!

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*It had been some time now and Athena was pretty much now aiming to awaken Adeona to its final and ultimate form. She trained at one of the stadiums that was placed around the boat and she had been going at it for a while now*

Athena: Awaken, Adeona!!

*Adeona charges in and it slams into the walls on its bound wings trying to awaken it that way. None of the hard impacts against the walls worked and Adeonas spin was starting to fizzle out. It eventually came to a halt, unawakened*

Athena: Tch.. why won't it work..! What am i doing wrong?

*Athena was immediately pulled into the avatar world and Adeona stood in front of her*

Athena: Adeona..!

Adeona: What's wrong Athena?

Athena: I've been trying for hours to try and awaken you to your ultimate form but so far i haven't had any luck.

Adeona: I'm sure you'll figure something out, after all you're you.

Athena: I'm... me?

Adeona: Yes, because you're yourself, that'll be the strength you need to awaken me.

*Adeona disappeared and Athena kept on trying to awaken Adeona! Later that evening, Athena went to find Shu as she wanted to have a battle with him once again*

Athena: Shu?

Shu: Athena, it's about time you got here. I heard from Wakiya that you wanted to have a battle in order to awaken Adeona.

Athena: That's right. If i'm gonna beat Lane in a few days then i need to awaken Adeona again to its final form in order to beat him.

Shu: Alright then, regardless i won't be going easy on you tomorrow.

Athena: Neither will i!

Shu: Well in that case, i'll see you tomorrow.

*The sun set and the night falls as Athena stayed up and stared off into the night sky and Aiga came out with her*

Aiga: I heard you're gonna face Shu tomorrow, i can't wait!

Athena: Yeah, i know i can be able to awaken Adeona once again tomorrow.. once i do, i'll be able to defeat Lane with no sweat.

Aiga: Where does that confidence come from?

Athena: From Adeona! once i awaken it again, we won't lose to anyone ever again.

*Athena stared at Aiga with a fierce look as a white aura began to come off of her, Aiga looked at her in surprise and smiled*

Aiga: I see. Well if you're gonna get a lot stronger then so will i!

*Athena nodded as she put her bey away and continued to look up at the stars*

Aiga: You know, i believe you can win against Lane. You've done it multiple times before so i think you can win again this time.

Athena: Maybe.. however, Lucifer lost its own barrier when i battled it at the Snake Pit therefore its attack power has increased greatly at the cost of its defense. Finding a way to beat that is not going to be easy.

Aiga: Well not everything is easy. Lucifer has to have a weakness in it somewhere but where it is has yet to be discovered.

Athena: You're right and i'll exploit its weakness once and for all..

---The Next Day---

*Athena and Shus exhibition match was about to begin! Athena waited in one of the waiting rooms as she waited to be called up, she looks down at her bey with a soft smile*

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