At my house

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Franks p.o.v chapter 3

Me and Gerard walked home from school together. Gerard was talking to his mom to confirm its OK to go to my house she said OK. They didn't know we were gay you know so they were cool with it. Me and Gerard said lets keep it that way. When we arrived to my house my mom wasn't home. I said to my self YES. She knew he was coming over ,so I was really happy. Me and Gerard went to my "room" to "study". I said to Gerard what can I call you he said "Gee". I quickly responded ' I like it, Gee'. I heard my mom yell Frankie I said oh know I shook my head why me. I ran down stairs and see what she wanted. On my down the stairs I swear I almost fell down the staries it felt like I was flying. She said where is ger- I interrupted her when she was saying his name I yelled GEE... He walked around the corner like no one buissness. He walked down the staies with care I thought to my self he is shy awe he is so cute. My mom brought cookies on her way here. She said Sorry about my rudeness but hi Gerard nice to meet you I'm carla. He quickly responded hi Mrs ireo.she gave us the cookies and we sat at the kitchen tabel . I got up and got us hot cocoa so we finish and when we were done we hung out. After that we went in my pool and swam for an hour and a half. My mom said get out I'm leaving for an hour. She left towels out on the bench in the back yard. We climb out and sat down and dried off.we looked in each other eyes we knew we were in love at first sight. I was actually surprised I made the first move I never make the first move ever. I tried to make it longer but it didn't work. -kat

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