time to confess gerard p.o.v

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I was laying in bed waiting till 5 :00 I been up since 4 and I was think why whould frank kiss me I mean I have chapped lips ,dandruff , bags under my eyes my hair isn't perfectI, I have a flat face but why me i'm not perfect . Slowly my alarm was ticking till it was.five o'clock my head forgot every thing it was basically empty and all I heard.was (beep beep beep) I turned over and stared at it till it turn 5:01 I finally shut it off when my feet touched the cold ice floor it freezed me all up from my toes to my head then it went away my mom yelled time to get up and dressed gerard I yelled I'm up and I'm verticle mother! Then I came to conclusion to get dressed I grabbed black jeans and my nirvana shirt and a flannel . I know the girls go crazy I don't know if frank would though . My mom called and said gerard come and eat. I ran toward the kitchen got the krave and milk. I pour quicker than quick I'd pour the milk and my mom said why are you eating so fast, are you even tasting it? I quickly shrugged my shoulders and I was finally done with my cereal and I ran out the door. Instead of taking the bus I ran to school it was only six blocks. I ran to school my flannel was like a cape like I had when I was younger. On my way there I tried every single way to say I like him. When I finally got to school, he was sitting on the bench, he was leaning

Against the school wall. He was listening to music and curled up in a ball. I slowlybwaljed up to him and said I might like you. You know that kiss I liked it. Then I walked away,I thought to my self I knew I had to get straight to the point. He ran toward me he grabbed my arm and kissed me I didn't know what to say but uh. He incitednme to his house after school,to his house I said why, he automatically said " you know why, use your imagination" I didn't know what he meant to be honest I have a bad mind. I didn't know what he meant at all. Sorry about the short chapter I will have a longer one next chapter, I am trying to get 4 chapters done today. 1 down 3 more to go. - forever must be a sec or call me Kat by the way tell me different ideas for the story in the comment and give me pointers :)

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