S2 Chapter 21: An Explosive Battle!!

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*The next morning came and Athena was hard at work trying to find a way to beat Lane but her thoughts were interrupted when she sees Valt standing over her and gives his signature smile*

Athena: Valt.. How's Valkyrie doing?

*Valt held up his Brave Valkyrie which was good as new*

Valt: It's doing just fine, the damage Lane did wasn't extensive so repairing Valkyrie wasn't too hard.

Athena: I wish i could've done something to stop him.. if i had, then Valkyrie wouldn't have been destroyed!

*Valt simply just looks at her and smiles and places his hand on her shoulder*

Valt: You don't have to blame yourself for whatever trouble he causes and you aren't responsible for what he is doing.

Athena: Valt..

Valt: Lane has to be stopped but it's time you stop blaming yourself for him destroying beys.

*Athena nodded and smiled as Shu and Wakiya came up to them*

Athena: Shu? Wakiya?!

Wakiya: We've been doing some thinking and we've decided that we're gonna hold a tag team battle for the world to see, it will be a showcase of Legend power to get the fans excited for the Sparking Legend Tour!

Shu: It'll be an exhibition battle so it won't affect our ranks at all. The teams have already been chosen, you and Lane will be facing off against me and Valt.

Athena: Wait- I'm teaming up with Lane?!

Wakiya: Yeah.. But the teams have already been chosen and finalized so theres no going back now, i'm sorry but you're stuck until the battle is over.

*Athena felt like she was losing a grasp of reality, her own brother who was consumed by darkness was HER tag partner*

---Later that day---

*Lane was training at his abandoned factory as Athena walked in. Lane stared at her with a angry expression*

Lane: I can't believe i have you of all people as a tag partner..

Athena: I can say the same.. but whether you like it or not, we're gonna have to work together.

Lane: Work together my foot. You will stay out of my way as i crush both Spriggan and Valkyrie..

Athena: The whole idea of a tag battle is to work together! just so we're clear, i won't hesitate to attack Lucifer and knock you out of the battle.. you didn't forget last night did you?

*Lane looks away and frowns*

Lane: Fine... but if we lose then i will not show mercy on your Adeona when we face off again.. but then again, i already have intentions on destroying Adeona in the first place.

Athena: Just shut up and train.. how about you save that energy for the tag battle..


Valt: So do we have a strategy for the tag battle?

Shu: With Adeona as an Attack Type and Lucifer a Defense Type, it's best if we exploit their weaknesses to defeat them.

Valt: Weaknesses?

Shu: Athena and Lane are no doubt going to have poor teamwork which was to be expected from the start but we can't just focus on that. I'll go with Left Spin Attack Mode and focus on Lucifer and you'll focus on Adeona which will probably go with its Left Spin Defense Mode to balance everything out.

Valt: Alright then, let's see how it plays out tomorrow!

---The Next Day---

*The day of the tag battle was here as the 2 teams walk up to the old Speedstorm stadium. Athena stared up at Lane who stared at their opponents with a psychopathic look, she simply shook her head as she changed to Left Spin Attack Mode*

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