S2 Chapter 20: Golden Superstar: Thunder Zeus!!

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*Athena stared at Zac and then looked down at her bey as she started coming up with a plan to take down Zeus. her eyes began to glow as she looked back up at Zac*

Athena: Zeus uses its Metal Balls to increase its momentum and drastically reduce its stamina loss. Once its weight shifts, getting it out of the center will not be an easy task but we'll have to try our best, I will battle with Lane at all costs..

Zac: Well now, let's see if you can beat us this time. Just remember, Zeus is like the shining sun. The sun will never move from its orbit.

Athena: I guess we'll see about that soon enough, your time in the spotlight is over!

Referee: First Battle!!

*Both bladers take their positions, Lane watched from the stands as he held his Lucifer in his hand and anticipated what power Athena would show in this battle*

Referee: Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Both beys land in the stadium and Zeus took the center quickly and held it down! Adeona tilts on the rubber of its driver and metal of its +L attachment and speeds up rapidly as it races up to the 3rd level*

Zac: So you plan on going for a burst huh? Well let's see if you can even get close to it!

*Adeona rushes off the 3rd level as it races toward Zeus at full speed*

Athena: End this with a burst! Bound Crush!!

Zac: It's time to shine! Thunder Orbit!!

*The metal balls in Zeus expand outwards and made Zeus spin so fast that it traps Adeona in a wall of wind that was slowly starting to shrink*

Athena: WHA-?!

Zac: How's that? You have now been caught in Zeus' orbit, once it traps its opponent there is no escaping it!

*Athena began to glow with her golden flare as her hair began to turn white, Zac watches in surprise at Athenas glowing light*

Zac: How enticing! Now, let's put on a show!!

Athena: I'll break through that orbit if it's the last thing i do!

*Adeona tried to push back but it kept getting pushed back towards Zeus which was now starting to spin at lightspeed. Adeona makes contact with Zeus and it goes flying into the sky and hits the ground with a clang, resulting in Zacs first point*

Referee: Thunder Zeus with a Over Finish! Zac earns 1 point!!

Zac: Just an over finish huh? Well then, the next one will be a burst.

*Athena stared down at her bey as it glowed with a faint glimmer and she came to a quick realization*

Athena: I get it now! Because Zeus is so heavy it is impossible to move from the center, using my bound wings, i can use that weight to my advantage and burst Zeus.. but i'll have to pull off a strong shoot in order to succeed!

Zac: Well little sunshine, let's see if you can keep in the next battle. Theres more of Zeus' stardom where that came from.

*Athenas eyes narrowed as she started to get serious, her golden flare shining and glowing around her*

Referee: Second Battle!! Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Both beys land in the stadium and Zeus takes the center as its metal balls expand and increase its momentum to great heights*

Zac: Cosmic Thunder!!

*Zeus started to increase in speed rapidly as Adeona came rushing for the attack. It slams into Zeus and started to move it at last thanks to its bound wings*

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