S2 Chapter 19: Explosive Final! Athena VS Valt!!

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*The second battle of the Practice Tournament was about to begin and Valt Aoi stared at Athena who was surrounded by a golden Flare. Athena picks up her bey and the her eyes began to glow*

Athena: Well, what do you think? Do you think you'll be able to defeat us now?!

*Valt smiles as he picked up his bey as he began to smile.*

Valt: Yeah, We'll burst Adeona in one shot!!

*Athena took her position as did Valt as the second battle was about to begin*

Referee: Second Battle!!

Athena: I'll continue with Defense Mode and I'll beat Valt for good in this battle!!

Referee: Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys land in the stadium and both beys kick things off with a fierce clash*

Athena: Give them all you've got! Adeona!!

Valt: Push them even harder!!

*Both beys go flying and Adeona was wobbling slightly as Valkyrie chases after it with full speed*

Athena: What is with that speed? I've never seen Valkyrie go that fast before ever!

*Valkyrie was speeding up even more as it was charging up for a major blow*

Valt: Valkyrie!!!

Athena: Adeona! Watch out!!

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Athena: Adeona! Watch out!!

Valt: Send them flying! Brave Sword!!

*Valkyrie sends Adeona flying out of the arena with full force and it burst into pieces and they hit the ground with a clang

Athena: Tch..

Referee: Brave Valkyrie with an Burst Finish! Valt Aoi is awarded 2 points!

*Athena clenched her fists as she was starting to get super frustrated but she immediately calmed down as she smiled*

Athena: I wouldn't expect anything less from Valt but we'll win the next battle for sure.

*Valt stares at Athena with a smile as he prepared for the third battle. Athena set her Chassis into Attack mode and both bladers took their positions*

Referee: Third Battle! Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Both beys land in the stadium and circle around the stadium at full speed*

Athena: Adeona!! Full power!!

Valt: Valkyrie! After it!!

*both beys clash and bolts of purple and blue erupt from the stadium as both beys were locked in a fierce back and forth duel*

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