S2 Chapter 18: Fiery Battles! The Final 4!!

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---The next day---

*The final 4 matches had finally come and the first one up to the stadium was Valt and Xhaka. Both bladers come up to the stadium and both bladers smiled as their intense rivalry was getting heated up*

Xhaka: It's been a while Valt! Let's see if the Legend Of Legends can stand up to my Xcalibur!

*Xhaka holds up his bey as he began to glow with a fierce red aura! Valt smiles as he did the same*

Valt: Yeah! We'll be coming in with all we got!

Xhaka: Good, i wouldn't want it any other way!

Referee: First Battle!

*Both bladers take their position as Xhakas eyes began to glow a fierce aura*

Valt: Looks like he isn't holding anything back now, interesting

Referee: Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Both beys land in the stadium and both Xcalibur and Valkyrie kick things off with a fierce back and forth clash*

Xhaka: Bring it on Valt!

Valt: Yeah! Let's give it our all!!

*Both Valkyrie and Xcalibur clash with all their might as a fierce storm bursts out of the stadium and nearly knocks both bladers off their feets. Both beys get blown back and Xcalibur enters its Aligned State*

Valt: Come on partner! Let's show them what we've got!!

*Valkyrie begins to head onto the upper deck and speeds onto the 1st level and rushes back into the stadium at full speed*

Valt: Now full speed! Brave Sword!!

Xhaka: Cut them to pieces! X-Saber!!

*Both Xcalibur and Valkyrie clash and Valkyrie goes flying out of the stadium from Xhakas explosive attack*

Xhaka: Yes!!

Referee: Zone Xcalibur with an Over Finish! Xhaka earns 1 point!!

Valt: Not bad Xhaka! You've definitely gotten a lot stronger!

Xhaka: Indeed, my Xcalibur will get the next point as well!

Valt: Sorry but the next battle belongs to me!

*Athena watched as she got super fired up, her white flare glowing in response. Both bladers began to take their positions once again as the 2nd battle was about to start*

Referee: 2nd Battle!! Ready set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!

*Both beys landed in the stadium and both of them circled around the stadium at top speed*

Valt: Let's get in there! Valkyrie!!

Xhaka: Strike them down! Full power Xcalibur!!

*Both beys clash at full power as both bladers yell out with full out determination! Valkyrie and Xcalibur were then locked in a fierce back and forth clash*

Valt: Push them even further!

*Valkyrie knocks Xcalibur high into the air as it disk moved once. it fell back down on the upper deck and headed onto the 2nd level and began to gain a bit of momentum from the slope*

Xhaka: Triple Impact!!

*Xcalibur jumped off the 2nd level and raced around the stadium and straight towards Valkyrie as its sword glowed*

Valt: It's not over yet!!

*Xcaliburs devastating attack sends Valkyrie flying as well and it landed on the upper deck as well and it charged up onto the 3rd level*

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