S2 Chapter 17: A Valiant Battle! Aiga VS Phi!!

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*It would be a little bit before Aigas match with Phi so Athena and Aiga were just talking with each other until then*

Athena: Are you excited for your match with Phi?

Aiga: I mean yeah, me and him haven't battled in so long so i'm more than pumped to face off with him again. At least this time, we won't be battling as enemies.

Athena: Well that's good, a friendly battle is the best battle!

Aiga: Can't argue with that!

*Aiga and Phis name were called which meant they were now being called up to their match*

Aiga: Wish me luck.

Athena: You won't need luck. I know you'll be able to win.

*Aiga smiles and he heads up to his match. Both bladers reach the main arena in the ship and both of them head up to the stadium*

Phi: Aiga Akaba, it's about time we battle again.

Aiga: Yeah, it's been some time since we've battled.

*Phi held up his Phoenix and it glows with a golden aura! Aiga does the same as his glowed a red aura*

Phi: We'll now see which between us is truly stronger.

Aiga: Yeah and that'll be me!

Referee: First Battle!!

Aiga: Eternal Phoenix retains its Armor from Revive Phoenix and Dead Phoenix and it's so much heavier now with the use of a Double Chassis. Either way, i'll be the one who comes out on top in this battle!

Phi: Infinite Achilles has a Sword and Shield mode and it uses a Dimension' driver so it has all sorts of different heights and modes at his disposal. Looks like Aiga is using the Shield Mode first, so he plans on defending against my attacks.. in that case, let's see how well that goes.

*Athena watches from the stands as she was hopeful that Aiga would win this match*

Referee: Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Both beys land in the stadium and Achilles took the center first and Phoenix was coming in hot*

Aiga: Bring it on Phi!!

Phi: My pleasure! Go Phoenix!!

*Phoenix comes in and deals a major attack on Achilles but it manages to resist it using its Infinite Shield*

Phi: Oh..?

Aiga: Yes! Keep it up Achilles!!


*Athena watched excitedly as her eyes lit up in amazement*

Athena: He's doing it.. he might actually win!!


Phi: I'd expect nothing less from you Aiga.. but let's see if you can keep it up!

*Phoenix disengages and it returns for another major blow and knocks its own armor off*

Aiga: So that's what he's after.

Phi: It's over! Eternal Armor Press!!

*Phoenix and its Armor slam into Achilles and both of them grind its shield and began to deal some serious damage*

Aiga: Like i'd let you! Infinite Guard!!

*Achilles Infinite Shield glowed and managed to block the rest of Phoenixs attack and blew both Phoenix and the armor back. The armor fell out of the stadium and Phoenix managed to survive but its spin was getting incredibly low. After about a few seconds, Phoenix had stopped spinning completely, resulting in Aigas first point*

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