S2 Chapter 16: Explosive Clash! Cruise Ship Showdown!!

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---Later That Evening---

*Wakiya had gathered 8 out of the 20 legendary bladers into the arena and they were: Athena, Valt, Aiga, Sisco, Free, Phi, Drum and Xhaka*

Wakiya: You have all been called here because we are going to do a practice tournament here on the Cruise Ship! The matches will be randomized so you all have no idea who you will face.

*The 8 bladers profile icons appeared on the screen above and they were all being randomized! The matches were finalized and the results were in. the ground opened up and a new stadium finally had arrived, the stadium had a normal circular shape in the middle and it had a upper deck that split off into 3 different levels on both sides*


The Matches were:

Valt VS Free

Aiga VS Phi

Athena VS Sisco

Drum VS Xhaka


Athena: I got Sisco huh? Interesting..

Aiga: I'm up against Phi? I'll take it.

Valt: Sweet! I'm up against Free!

Drum: I'm up against the big guy? This ought to be seriously good!

*The battles had begun and the first match was Athena VS Sisco! Both bladers walk up to the Stadium and Sisco began to push up his glasses as he smirked*

Sisco: So i'm up against you huh? You had better make this interesting.

*Athena smiled brightly as she held up her bey Adeona!*

Athena: You can count on it, i'm not holding anything back this time!

Referee: Bey-check!

*Both bladers handed each other their beys and they inspected them*

Athena: I've battled Satan before so i know its strengths and weaknesses but i can't underestimate Sisco under any circumstance.. even though i know a lot about him.

Sisco: From the looks of things, looks like Adeona has awakened again.. Before it could only do small bound attacks and now it looks like its 3rd stage allows it to deal even stronger ones, looks interesting to say the least but lets see how it plays out in battle.

*Both beys hand their beys back and the battle started*

Referee: First Battle! Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Both beys land in the stadium and Satan took the center immediately*

Sisco: Well would you look at that? A free center for me!

Athena: Only because i let you have it..

Sisco: What?!

*Athena smiles and Adeona began to rush in with the attack*

Athena: Send it flying with all you got!

*Adeona collides in Satan with incredible force and knocked it into the air. Satan recovers and uses the ring on its Universe Driver to speed up*

Sisco: Get in there! Universe Drift!!

*Satan drifted in and and sent Adeona flying on to the upper deck and it accelerated up onto the 2nd level and was getting even faster*

Athena: Adeona! Charge!!

*Adeona rushes off the 2nd level and dove straight towards Satan at top speed*

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