S2 Chapter 15: Rising Flames! Emperor Lucifer!!

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*The battle in the Snake Pit continues as the Possessed Athena stared at Lane with a evil smile. Lane grins wickedly as his flare glowed to life with a low roar*

Demon Lane: So you resisted being absorbed.. how interesting! Now i'll go full power in this next battle and i'll destroy Adeona for good!

Possessed Athena: It would be wise to not get too overconfident, the only one getting destroyed here is you.

Computer: First Battle!!

*Both of their marks glow as they take their positions and the battle began*

Computer: Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Both beys land in the center and Lucifer takes the center immediately as Adeona rushes in for the attack at full speed*

Possessed Athena: Tear them apart!!

*Adeona strikes and unleashes a brutal assault on Lucifers barrier but none of them were able to break through. Lane smiles as he outstretched his hand and started to drain away Athenas Nexus Mark for himself and this time, there was no resisting it*

Possessed Athena: W-What is this..?

*Lane yanks his arm back as he pulls even more power out of her, Athena screams out in pain as the horn on her head was starting to shrink and the markings were starting to sparkle and fade. Adeona continued its attack on Lucifer was the former was starting to lose spin*

Demon Lane: Now break!!

*Lucifers barrier sends Adeona flying out of the stadium as Lane pulls the rest of the marks energy out of her and Athena screamed in a pained cry. Lane smiled with great satisfaction as the energy of her mark fused into his. Athena fell to one knee as she felt incredibly physically weak*

Computer: Emperor Lucifer with a Over Finish! Lane Valhalla earns 1 point!

Demon Lane: Is that all you've got? You're nothing now without that mark.

*Athena regained herself and got to her feet as she was completely back to normal*

Athena: That would be for the best, i don't need that mark to fight! I'll defeat you here with my own strength!

Lane: Your own strength you say? Don't even get started on that again, you know how hard i laughed when you mentioned your little bond you apparently have.

Athena: In that case, what kind of bond do you share with your bey.. if you even have a bond.

Lane: I don't need a bond, they're nothing more than a waste of time.

*Athena frowns and retakes her position once more as the last of her darkness faded away and the light within her was restored.*

Athena: You've had your chance so now i'm going to defeat you!

*Athena began to shine with a white flare as her eyes burned with a white surge of fire. Lane smiled in delight as he took his position too. Lanes devils mark activates as the markings began to cover his face but this time something was way different: Lanes skin began to turn pale gray and a black cross like marking covered the bridge of his nose, the back of his clothes ripped and teared as 2 wings began to sprout from his back and spread out completely and Lanes eyes were filled with darkness*

Demon Lane Lvl.2: How do you like us now?

Athena: I've never been more excited to battle you but i've also never been more disappointed in you in my life.

Computer: Second Battle!!

Athena: I'm gonna go with Left Spin attack mode! Attack is the way to go when it comes to breaking that barrier so that is what i'll be going with! once i break that barrier, i can't under any circumstance let it recover and put up its defenses again..

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