Chapter 10

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The beautiful cabin. Just imagine more big trees everywhere! Also there is going to be a big surprise! I hope you guys love it! And thank you for so much for commenting! It's means so much to me! Especially those who give me feedback! You know who you are!

Zayden's P.O.V

I had picked up my baby about an hour ago. We have been driving for an hour and well he's asleep.

I look over and see his beautiful plump lips slightly opened. I smile and reach over to grab his hand. I intertwine our hands. I bring his hand up to my lips and gently kiss it.

After about 3-4 hours we finally arrive. Austin had woken up and took over. I actually slept the rest of the way. I didn't worry since I turned on the gps for him. I pull out suitcases out and take them inside. I had someone clean the cabin before we arrived. I wanted everything to be prefect for my little one.

I take all the suitcase upstairs and place them in our room. I then run back downstairs to find my baby looking around the house in awe. I chuckle and wrap my arms around his waist.

"Do you like it little one?" I ask nervously

"No I don't like it!" He says as he turns around in my arms

"O-Oh well we can go.." I couldn't finish as his lips cut my off.

"I love it baby!" He squeals as he pulls away.

I sigh in relief and peck his lips gently. I pull away and walk us out to the woods. I smell something delicious and start walking towards it with little one behind me. I look around and see a man about my height.

"Mate/Mates" I and the man whisper at the same time. He turns around and I feel my eyes start to water with tears

"Hayden?" I whisper softly

"Is that really you Zayden"

I let go of my baby's hand and run to my twin. I tackle him in a hug and feel tingles run through my body. We pull away and kiss passionately. I don't notice a whimper behind us or my little one running back to the cabin.

I pull away and peck his lips once more. "I though you had died! You don't know how much we missed you. Everyone has. We've been looking for you. We thought you had died." I say sadly and hug him tightly

"Well I'm not. I'm more alive then ever. Especially since I have to mates!!" I smile and turn to introduce my little one but don't see him. I now realize the pain my baby is feeling. I grab Hayden's hand and run to the cabin. I hear is cries and tell Hayden to wait downstairs.

"Little one?! Open the door baby! It's me! Zayden"

"Leave me a-alone!" He screams out

I whimper softly and quickly run and grab the spare key before opening the door. My heart crushes as I see him in the comer in a little ball. I walk over and take him in my arms

"Little one? What's wrong?"

"What's wrong?? You kissed another man in front of me! And called him your mate! Did you lie to me? Was I just a toy till you found your true mate?!" He yells and tries to get out of my arms

I chuckle as I realize why he's mad.
"Little one! He's our mate. He's my brother actually. Twin brother. He has been missing since he was 14."

He looks at me confused. He looks so adorable and innocent.

"O-Our mate? As in now I have 2 mates?!" He squeals and runs out of my arms. He runs downstairs and jumps on Hayden.

"I'm sorry if I accused you of Zayden cheating with you!" He says sadly and buries his face into his chest.

Hayden chuckles and coos loving words into his ear.

"It's alight angel. I don't blame you one bit love" he places a kiss on his forehead before pulling me into his arms as well.

"Little one? Why don't you go take a bath?"

He nods and runs upstairs. I grab Hayden and walk outside with him.

"Now baby, we have to plan a romantic date for our baby. I was already planning it and well now that we know you're our mate... Honestly tonight was the night we were going all the way. He's very shy but... Well we can try if you want us too"

He smiles wide and stay talking about something's we can do for our baby. He was going to love it! I can't wait to see his reaction!

I'm sorry my loves! It's been a long time and I have no excuses.. Well yes kinda.. I've been reading a lot of books on here by PrinceKenzie. One of the best authors here honestly. If you haven't read any of this authors book... You need to go read some now!

Also, my baby... My poor baby Zayn left One Direction! This was so heart breaking! I cried and cried. I hope he returns... Honestly I'm just happy that he'll be happy now..

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