S2 Chapter 13: The Horrors Within!!

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*Aiga looked at his copycat as he grinned with a big smile, the lenses of his mask glowing in the light*

Scarlet Eye: What did i tell you? I told you my Achilles was stronger

*Aiga picked up his bey and stared back at his copycat*

Aiga: You simply got one point, doesn't exactly mean you're the strongest.

*Scarlet Eye simply smiles sinisterly as he kept his bey in Infinite Sword. Aiga switched from the Shield and went with the Sword too*

Scarlet Eye: So you're gonna play attack too? What fun!

*Both bladers take position and the battle was on*

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Both beys land in the stadium and both beys raced around the stadium as their movements were perfectly matched. Both Achilles go flying as their recoil from the swords was too great*

Aiga: He's mirroring every movement i make..

Scarlet Eye: Go!

*Black Achilles charges in for the attack and it glows with a red glow as it knocks Infinite Achilles high into the air. Aiga yells out as Achilles began to fall back down and land in the stadium and recovered from the attack*

Scarlet Eye: No way! He survived?!

Aiga: Don't think you'll defeat us so easily!!

*Infinite Achilles launches an intense barrage of attacks on its black copycat as it was aiming for a burst finish! Both Achilles clash with all their force as a fierce explosion erupts from the stadium. Athena watched in awe at the incredible power that Aiga was showing*

Scarlet Eye: I am the superior owner of Achilles! Go!!

Aiga: Put an end to this! Achilles!!

*Both beys clash and get sent flying

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*Both beys clash and get sent flying. Both beys come back around for what seemed to be the finishing blow, both of their swords glowing*

Scarlet Eye/Aiga: Infinite Buster!!

*Both beys clash and and the Black Achilles burst nearly immediately, Scarlet Eye gasped in horror as the pieces of his bey struck him in the mask and destroyed it. Scarlet Eye had beautiful blue eyes and the mask had released his hair which was a bright red and was all nice and wavy. Scarlet Eye fell on his rear as a trapdoor beneath him opened up and he fell straight through it*

Rantaro: I forgot that happened..

Shu: I guess that's our cue to get moving.

Athena: Yeah lets go.

*The bladers move on to the next stage as Ashtem watches them from the screen*


Silver Eye: That's impressive.

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