part 4 <3

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When you finished your cookie someone came to take the rubbish

You rubbed your eyes and yawned you were quite tired after today's game

You still had a constant question in your mind "why did dad kill mom?"

You got up and went to your bed and took out a photo... As Sae Byeok and another person approached you...

She looks at you and says "Choi y/n right.... I'm ji yeong"

You just quickly inspected her and looked back at the photo...

They looked at the photo then you....Ji yeong asks "Are you okay??"

You say "well the obvious answer is no because of this constant question in my head which can't get Awnsered... "

They look at you and Ji yeong asks... "What's the question?"

You say "... well the question is why did dad kill mom?"

Ji yeong looks at you and says "my dad killed my mom too but something happened after that..."

Sae byeok looks at you and says "He killed her??... Anyways... I think you need to go to sleep..."

You nod and you take off you jacket and took your shoes off

You said... "Thank you for helping me calm down"

Ji yeong and Sae Byeok reply with"Any time but like we are 4lifers xD"

You giggle and get a mirror out of your trouser pocket and checks the scar on your eye brow and you notice your getting a black eye slowly...

You looked at you scar on your arm.. You said "pass me the bandage from my jacket pocket

Ji yeong got the bandages and you bandages your arm and layed down and then said " night... "

They replied with "night then went to their beds"

Mi nyeo wanted to go to the bathroom... As well as sae Byeok so as they were in the bathroom sae Byeok went into a vent and went through and saw pink suited men making honeycomb???

4 mins later

She comes out of the vent and doesn't tell the lady who was distracting the guard of what she saw....

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