part 2 <3

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*next day*

You get to the place at 6:30 am Then u see a black van
With people passed out and guys with pink suits

A man with a circle mask says "Come in.... "

As you gets in you feel dizzy and end up passing out

*Few hours later*

You wake by hearing 2 people yelling making you have memories of you parents....

*you rub your eyes as you see where you are*

"I'm on a bed??? " you say then look around

You hear constant yelling so you looked and saw people fighting one looked like a bastard and the other is a girl????

You yell at the man " YAH! Shut the actual fuck up.... Go to ur therapist for fuck sake... "

The man replied with"Do you know who the fuck your talking to?! "

As you get down you reply with "obviously not because I just woke up u dumb fuck"

The man replied with "I'm 101....just 101....🖕🏻"

You replied with "then who's she? "

She replied with "Byeok... Sae Byeok"

"Ok" you say as well as nodding...

You heard a speaker saying let a game commence???
You had to have a photo of ur face so u didn't smile what so ever...

Speaker says "This game is red light green light the last people who don't make it within the time limit gets eliminated"

*you shrug it off*

Doll: Green light

You run as fast as you can but see Byeok and 101....

Doll:Red light

Someone in front of you ended up getting shot....

As blood splatters were on your face some people started running to the doors


Doll:Green light

You made ur self better and ran faster.... You were so close to the finish line same with the Others...

You wanted to turn around too see how many were dead....

Doll:Green light

You look backwards and inspected quickly then turned around and were so close to the finish line

Doll:Red light!

You stopped immediately
There was 30 seconds left...

you rushed your arse to the other side and flopped on the floor...

"My Lord... That was nerve racking... " you say as you where panting...

You see a hand in front of you then you look to see who it is

"Sae Byeok???" You say as you grabbed the hand and pulled yourself up....

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