Part 1<3

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(This will contain Ships so if u don't like it leave if u wish <3)


When u were 16 You ended up getting kicked out of you fathers house but as your mom was dead you had nowhere to go so you decide to live on the streets.
After 3 years your finally 19 ... You wake up on the floor like a regular day and you see an invitation...


Name:Choi Y/N
Parents? :Now both dead
Status:single <\3

Part 1;
Y/N:Normal day like always.... Cold .... No blankets for fuck sake...

*Y/N sees the Invitation*

"What is this?" You say curiously

The note:
Meet me at...... To play a game...

"A Game??" You shake you head and start walking...

*you get to the place and sit down*

"Hey... May I sit?" A manly voice says

You reply with "Yes... "

You still have ur wire less charger with lasts a long time as well as ur air pods...

The man pats on ur shoulder and asks "do u wanna play a game? "

Again u replied with "yes"

He replied with "meet me at...... ******"

You just nod as he leaves

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