S2 Chapter 11: Dark Adeona!!

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---That Night after the Legend Conference, Athena walked throught the city of Japan as she headed her way to the cliffside. After about an 20 minutes of walking, Athena made it to the cliff that looked over the entirety of the city---

Athena: There were so many Legends at that conference.. even people like Gwyn, Phi, Daina and even Zac! This new tournament is gonna be so much fun and i can't wait to battle the Legends officially again.

*She looked down at her bey and then she stared up into the beautiful night sky, she began to think about all the key moments from her journey: Her beys birth, meeting the legends for the first time, competing in the Legend League, having her bey destroyed at the hands of Lane, the Valhalla Manor clash and her final showdown with Lane and now.. she had returned to Japan to finish what she started.*

Athena: All this time, Lane has shown me time and time again that his Flare was damaging him with everything it had.. now, it's gotten even worse now that he has went to the Snake Pit..

*Athena left the cliffside and went back to town. As she walked through town, she passes by the Bombers and she could hear the Asahi Brothers still training inside. Curious, she goes up to the door and took a peek inside: there was nobody in there but them. She goes inside as she gives the 2 brothers a smile*

Athena: How's it going guys?

*Hikaru and Hyuga were ecstatic to see Athena again, Athena walked up to the stadium with the 2 brothers*

Hikaru: Wait- Athena you're back?!

*Athena nods and Hyuga rushes up to the stadium first*

Hyuga: Alright!! I'm up first against her!!

*Hikaru got mad and pushed his brother aside*

Hikaru: No! I am!!

Athena: Hyuga. You're up.

*Hyuga jumped up in joy and Hikaru lowered his head in disappointment, Hyuga and Athena stood at the stadium as their battle was about to begin*

Athena: Hyperion Burn.. A Right Spin Attack Type that is apart of the Limit Break System... Show me how much you have improved Hyuga!

*Athena immediately activates her Nexus Mark and the markings cover her face, arm and body. Hyuga and Hikaru watch in horror as Athena had transformed*

Hyuga: A-Athena..

Hikaru: T-That's-

Demon Athena: You had better get ready because i will break you in this battle!

*Hyugas face of fear went to a face of determination as he got in his launch position, Athena did the same as her crimson aura glowed to life*

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys land in the stadium and Adeona scraped on its new attachment which made it speed up immediately. Hyperion was going very fast too thanks to its +X attachment*

Hyuga: Alright! Zoom Zoom Hyperion!!

*Hyperion entered its Flare as Athena watched in a bit disgust. Hyperion and Adeona rush in with great attacks. Adeonas wings compressed and it sent it flying with a fierce bound attack*

Hyuga: W-Wow! Adeona has gotten so much more stronger but we're not gonna lose here!!

Demon Athena: Just give up! You're obviously not gonna win!!

*Adeona lands a brutal attack and sends Hyperion flying as it entered its Limit Break form*

Hyuga: We're just getting started! Now go, Hyperion!!

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