S2 Chapter 10: Mysterious Power! Nexus Mark!!

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*Free and Athena stare each other down as their auras glowed, meanwhile Lane watched from afar as his bey glowed in his hand*

Free: That Flare.. that darkness is incredibly overwhelming..

*Athena let out a demonic screech as her Flare erupts in response. Her mark began to evolve further as more markings began to climb her body as her teeth began to get more sharper as her eye color turned red. Free watched in disappointment at Athena as her new transformation was complete*

Demon Athena: Get ready Free! I'll break you to pieces!!!

Free: Yeah, i'd like to see you try.

*Both bladers take positions as the battle was about to start, their auras glowing brightly*

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Both beys land in the stadium and Fafnir takes the center in Absorb Mode, Adeona rushes in with Left Spin and its Chassis in Defense mode*

Free: Now bring it on.. Show me how much you've grown!!!

Demon Athena: Destroy them!!

*Adeonas movements were fast and sharp as it lands a brutal attack on Fafnir and sent it flying, Free grinned as Fafnir landed back down in the stadium and returned to the center once more*

Free: Your attack has improved but let's see if you can keep up with this.

*Fafnirs Nothing driver began to compress as Adeona began to launch another fierce barrage of deadly attacks, Fafnir would not budge as its Nothing driver was reduced to a giga flat and raced out of the center at the speed of light. Athena gasped as she watched Fafnir race onto the upper deck with a streak of yellow trailing behind it*

Demon Athena: W-What the-?!

Free: Strike with Nothing Break!

*Fafnir jumps off the upper deck and slams into Adeona with full strength as the stadium explodes with a fierce gust of wind. Both beys go flying back and land back in the stadium, Adeona glowed with a crimson red as its wing began to glow*

Demon Athena: Send it flying! Dark Guardian Bound!!

*Using its wings in its new mode, Adeona unleashes an incredible bound attack that sends Fafnir flying upward*

Free: It's over! Now Mirage Claw!!

*Both beys collide and both of them go flying out of the stadium and hit the ground at the same time, resulting in a draw. The evil Athena screams in frustration as she points her finger towards Free in severe anger*

Demon Athena: WHY YOU-?!!

*Free stared at her concerned as he picks up his bey, Athena looks at Free with a furious look as her flare raged in response*

Demon Athena: You... I'll destroy you for sure in the next battle!!

*Free leaves his Fafnir into counter mode as Athena went into Right Spin with her chassis in Attack Mode, both bladers take positions as the battle started once again*

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Both beys land in the stadium and Fafnir took the center as it was spinning incredibly slowly as Adeona rushes in for the attack*

Demon Athena: Lets go!!

*Adeona lands a brutal attack but Fafnir managed to absorb the attack and get even faster, Adeona continues its assault as Fafnir began to absorb more and more of its stamina*

Free: You know, Attacks like those won't beat Fafnir. You probably should kept Left Spin mode as you would be able to counter my spin absorption..

*Athena got extremely heated with rage as Adeona began to turn jet black as both of their flares were as black as the night sky. Free watched in disappointment at the possessed Athena, he knew he couldn't do anything to stop her.*

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