S2 Chapter 9: The Reapers Onslaught! Hollow Deathscyther!!

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*The 2 bladers take their positions and the battle started*

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Both beys land in the stadium and Lucifer took the center with its barrier up. Hollow Deathscyther races around the stadium at top speed*

Daina: Now strike it down, Deathscyther!!

*Deathscyther rushes in for the attack and clashes with Lucifer with all its might as it tried to force the barrier back*

Lane: Useless! Emperor Wall!!

*Lucifers barrier knocks Deathscyther back but it doesnt give up as it continues its clash*

Daina: That barrier will be torn apart here and now!!

*Lucifers barrier was falling and Deathscyther was barely able to reach the layer*

Lane: Is that all you can do? don't tell me this is all Deathscyther can do.

*Deathscyther jumps onto the upper deck and raced into the speed cradle*

Daina: Go Deathscyther!!

*Deathscyther rushes out of the cradle and heads straight for Lucifer*

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*Deathscyther rushes out of the cradle and heads straight for Lucifer*

Daina: Hollow Strike!!

*Deathscyther slams into Lucifer with all it has as the barrier was starting to bend once more*

Daina: Now break through!!

*Lane remained silent as his Lucifer was keeping Deathscyther at bay, Daina watched in shock as his attack wasn't working*

Daina: He withstood Hollow Strike?!

Lane: An attack as weak as that won't work on me.

*Deathscyther was beginning to lose stamina as Lucifer kept blocking its attacks*

Daina: Keep going Deathscyther!!

Lane: Emperor Wall!!

*Deathscyther was blown back and its stamina fizzles out as Lucifer was still going strong*

Daina: Tch..

Lane: Is that all you got?

*Daina picked up his bey and looked back at Lane who was already beginning to transform*

Daina: So you are just like your sister, both of you are corrupted by darkness.

Lane: That doesn't matter, what matters is victory and nothing more, nothing less!

Daina: And that's the issue. Your way of blading was caused nothing but trouble and terror across the world. i was there at the Legend League when you destroyed Diabolos and Adeona in front of the entire world and i watched your battles with Lui, Aiga and Athena, 2 of which you destroyed on live TV for the world to see.

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