Chapter 1

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I lay in bed, listening to the sound, pit pat of the rain. I blinked as I stared at the roof, unable to sleep.

Suddenly, a small buzz came through my phone as I was up in an instant.

Already grabbing my blades, I tapped the phone screen, reading the message.

New Target: Urushido Hisashi

I tapped on the small file attached to the message and read through all the information.

Exterminated by tonight.

It was only 2:34 in the morning, there was nothing to do so I got ready.

I turned my phone off and tucked it into the small pocket at the side of my pants as I placed my blades in their clips and straps.

I put my boots on, also placing a few knifes into them before I walked out of the room, pulling my hood over my head.

The hallways were empty as usual as I softly padded to the roof of the building.

I opened the door as I walked out to the roof, feeling the wind whip me.

The two guards didn't hear me as I silently made my way to the edge.

"Pay more attention." I said, making them both jump and train their guns onto me.

When they saw me, they eased slightly but was still tense.

One of the men, I didn't recognise which meant he must be new. He looked scared, hands slightly shaking.

I could almost smell the fear clinging to the cool, night breeze.

"Another target?" The other, Iwamoto asked.

"To be exterminated by tonight." I said coldly as I leaned back, falling off the edge.

I heard a sharp intake of breath as the new guard ran to the edge of the building.

I just ignored him and activated my ability. I felt the familiar weight on my shoulders as I snapped my wings open.

I heard Iwamoto turn to the new guy and say, "y/n."

"She's known as the DeathAngel. She's Silent Winds best assassin." Iwamoto said as I beat my wings, rising higher.

I was soon flying just above the clouds, but I could still see the city below.

I flew for what was about an hour before I reached my destination.

Banking to the left, I glided down as I spotted the old mansion, up on a cliff.

Making sure nobody would see me, I flew at the side of the cliff before landing in the bushes.

I watched carefully as I counted the men surrounding the old building.

42, including the ones on the roof.

I sighed as I wrapped my hands around the familiar hilts of my blades.

Only 42, it was barely anything.

Slowly, I crept around in the bushes. It was like second nature, to be aware of everything around me.

I could sense where the wind was blowing, if there were any rocks or twigs on the ground, all the years of training I had done acting upon instinct.

I made my way to the side of the building.

I contemplated what to do, but just decided to go for it.

My wings raised as I beat them hard once, shooting up to one of the windows in the building.

I spun like a tornado, crashing into the building, shards of glass flying everywhere.

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