S2 Chapter 8: Challenging The Reaper: Daina Kurogami!!

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---Daina and Athena went back to the Sparking Arena where there was nobody there. Athena clutched her arm as the mark on her hand began to glow---

Athena: Daina Kurogami.. He's a very good friend of Valt from what i hear. He is also a team captain for the french team, AS Gallus.. His Hollow Deathscyther is an attack type that has a big metal scythe in its Ring for even bigger attacks!..

Daina: When i battled Athena in the Legend battle royale i never got to see her true potential and from what i can see on her hand, it looks like some of that power is already leaking itself. I'm interested to see what Adeona can really do..

*Athenas body jolts as her new mark activates and its stripes traveled up their body and surrounded her eye, her evil red flare glowing as her teeth looked like that of a shark*

Consumed Athena: Now, let's begin!!

*Daina looked a bit surprised as he watched the overwhelming darkness take over Athena, he pulls out his launcher and prepares for battle*

Daina: That darkness.. it's so familiar.. Just what is it?

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Both beys land in the stadium and since both beys were attack types, they were both mobile in the stadium*

Consumed Athena: Now get in there! Guardian Strike!!

*Adeonas wings glowed as the slashed across Deathscyther as it went flying into the air*

Consumed Athena: Yes!!

*Deathscyther landed in the speed cradle and began to get even faster as its purple and pitch black aura glowed*

Daina: Don't tell me that's all Adeona is capable of.

Consumed Athena: Quiet!!! I'l show you a true attack right here and now!

*Deathscyther leaps out of the cradle and races towards the center and right for Adeona*

Daina: Make them feel true fear! Shake Shoot!!

*Deathscyther rushes in as a streak of purple and black trailed behind it, it launches a deadly barrage of attacks as Adeona was forced off balance as it tried to withstand Deathscythers ruthless attack*

Consumed Athena: Crush them Adeona!!

*Adeona glows with a blood red flare as Deathscythers scythe locks onto one of Adeonas golden wings. Suddenly, there was a loud snap as Adeona went flying up into the air. At that moment, Adeonas golden wings were pulled out and locked into a new mode*

Daina: Wait.. What just...?!

*Adeona begins to rush up the stadium and onto the upper deck and began to speed up*

Consumed Athena: Crush them! Adeona!!

Consumed Athena: Crush them! Adeona!!

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