S2 Chapter 7: The Suns Battle Again! Adeona VS Lucifer!!

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---The Sun was setting and the second battle in the abandoned factory was about to begin---

Lane: So Athena, do you think you can actually win against us? Especially after i have grown so much within Project: Shadow?!

Athena: Project: Shadow.. i know all its secrets and what it will do to you, Boa told me all about it!

Lane: Boa huh? Did he tell you how i smashed his Bahamut to pieces?

Athena: Yeah he told me all about that too..

*Athena looked at Lane dead in the eyes*

Athena: Lane, how could you do such a thing? It was one thing to obsess over power and Flare but no, this time you join an organization which is very known for its awful reputation.. Ashtem is USING YOU, how can you not see that?!

Lane: Are you about finished?

*Athena looked at Lane, stunned. Lane reveals his shoulder as the Devils Mark was still there*

Lane: This mark is a symbol of my strength and just so you know, you now have one too.

*Athena took a step back in shock, there was no way she had a mark just like him*

Athena: You're lying! There's no way i could ever have something like that!!

Lane: How about you take a look at the palm of your left hand?

*Athena looked down at the palm of her left hand and in the middle of it was a small black diamond shaped marking, Athenas eyes widened in shock as her worst fears were confirmed*

Athena: H-How..?! There's no way..

Lane: It's just like you said when we were younger, We're connected... just not the way you think we are..

*Athenas eyes glow with intensity as her Flare began to glow, Lanes flare did the same as he places his bey back on his launcher*

Athena: I have to tread carefully here, i can't let this thing activate and possibly control me.. I'll go with Right Spin Attack Mode.

Lane: Knowing her, she'll probably slip up and activate that mark.. but when she does, she is in for a wild ride!

*Both bladers take position as the second battle started*

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys land in the stadium and Lucifer takes the center once more with its barrier expanded out, Adeona races around the stadium at top speed as it comes in for the first attack*

Athena: Get in there Adeona!!

*Adeona pushes hard and releases a fierce barrage of attacks however Lucifer still persists as it blocks it all with its barrier*

Lane: We won't fall to pitiful attacks such as those! Attack even harder!!

Athena: You heard him! Attack even more!!!

*Adeona continues its barrage as Lucifers barrier was finally being pushed back, Adeona rushes up the stadium and comes back down and knocks Lucifer into the air*

Athena: Yes!!

*Lane grimaced as the Devils Mark began to overtake him once again, Athena felt a massive surge of pain shoot through her hand as she noticed her mark began glowing a bright blue*

Athena: Is it.. activating?!

*The mark on her hand glowed and 2 black stripe markings wrap themselves around Athenas left arm with a very intricate design at her wrist, the stripes went up her torso, up her neck and stopped at her left eye and had 2 jagged horn like markings on the top of where it stopped*

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