S2 Chapter 6: The Princess Of Light: Athena Valhalla!!

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---It had been a few days since Athena and Phis battle and after that, Valt Aoi had announced a battle royale between 5 random Legends and Athena was one of them---

*Athena Valhalla runs to the Sparking Arena as he was almost late, in her mind she was very excited to have a battle against 4 other legends. When she finally gets to the Arena, she notices the four legends she would be facing off against in todays battle royale: Aiga, Phi, Daina and Valt*

Aiga: Athena you finally made it!

Athena: Yeah sorry i'm late.

Phi: You have impeccable timing, they're about to call us up for the battle royale.

Valt: Good luck you guys, may the best blader win.

*Everyone nodded, Athena noticed she was stood next to Daina Kurogami who was #14 in S-Tier. She had heard rumors that Daina used a bey that could reap the souls of other beys, the bey was none other than the grim reaper bey: Hollow Deathscyther! The name of the bey itself could send chills down the spines of people with even the strongest of wills. Athena's thought was interrupted as they were now being called up to their matches*

Phi: Good luck you four, you're gonna need it.

*The four beys were in the main arena and the crowd was already going nuts and the battle hadn't even started yet, it was probably because some of the most famous legends were standing there. Athena felt amazed by how much attention, she could hear everyone chanting Valt, Aiga, Phi, Daina and even HER name too.*

Valt: Alright, is everyone ready for an epic battle!?!

*The crowd cheered even more and louder as the five bladers and their beys images appeared on the overhead screen, the Referee raises his arm over the stadium and started the battle royale*

Referee: Battle Royale!!

*Daina Kurogami held up his Sparking Bey Hollow Deathscyther to his old friend Valt Aoi as a smile went across his face*

Daina: Valt, show my new Hollow Deathscyther how strong your Brave Valkyrie really is.

Valt: Yeah, we're gonna send Deathscyther flying in this battle!

Athena: You're not forgetting about us now are you?

Aiga: Yeah, you better not forget about us because i'll be the one to blow you guys away.

Phi: Heh, you four are foolish to underestimate my Phoenix so easily!

*All 5 bladers smiled as the battle was about to commence*

Referee: Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The 5 beys land in the stadium and Phoenix was chasing after Adeona at top speed*

Athena: Full speed Adeona! No holding back!!

Phi: Fly, Phoenix!!!

*Phoenix and Adeona race on to the upper deck as their chase continued, meanwhile Achilles in its Infinite Shield and Valkyrie were in a fierce clash in the center*

Aiga: Push them back Achilles! Show them what you've got!!

Valt: Now break through!!

*Both beys get blown back and they come in for another round of attacks*

Aiga: Infinite Guard!!

*Achilles repels Valkyries next attack and sends it flying up the slope of the stadium*

Valt: Send them flying with Brave Sword!!

*Valkyrie sends Achilles flying and it lands on the upper deck, it instantly gets spearheaded by Adeona who was still being chased by Phoenix. Aiga was out of the fight! Unfortunately, Valkyrie was already out of stamina*

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