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Draken's stern voice echoed through the room with no reply. Letting out a harsh sigh as he walks over to the round futon mattress that was covered in a mountain of plush animals.

"Come on y/n I know you're not sleeping. I can't hear you snoring."

he smirks, crossing his arms over his chest as the small head of the child poked through the plushies.

"I dont snore!"

He laughs kneeling down and pushing the stuffed bunny from the top of her head.

"Come on, get dressed.... we have somewhere to go today."

She blinks and tilts her head, confused since she hadn't really left the attic that became her new home since she arrived at the brothel.

She does as she's told without question,
putting on a white sundress with her black half jacket, that Mitsuya embroidered with the Tokyo Manji gang symbols on the back and down the sleeves, slipping on shoes. Attempting to put her h/c hair in pigtails.

"Tsk'....what is up with you and mikey not knowing how to put your hair up?"

She giggled. Handing him her hair ties and brush. He finishes fixing her hair. Adding little f/c bows to the front of each pigtail. Checking her over and grabbing her hand gently guiding her to the door.

"Wait Kenny....I mean dad!"

She runs over to her bed and grabs her bunny, and skipping back over to Draken that was looking down at her puzzled.

"Its the one you got me....that first night..."

He smiles and pats the top of her head. Grabbing her hand and leading her down the stairs.

"Ey! Awe! She's so pretty in that dress. Do all the clothes fit her okay?"

Draken stops and looks at the half naked women and shakes his head.

"Yea they fit her....I'm taking her for the day......I'll be gone for more than a few hours so she's not staying....."

The women walked over and bent over to the small girl her large breast spilling out of her see threw laced top.

"Awe do you need someone to watch her for the day? She can hang out with me and the girls! How's that sound y/n?"

Draken pulls y/n away walking around the women. The small girl looks back at the women as she stands.

"No Remi....God only knows what you all would subject her to if you had her that long..."

Remi crossed her arms over her chest puffing out her cheeks.

"We would keep her away from the clients, I promise!"

Draken pinches the bridge of his nose and inhales sharply through it.

"Yea no shit.....If any of your clients come near her. Regardless.....I'd kill them....again we will be back later....ill give you a back massage for helping out as much as you have, kay?"

Remi backs up with her hands up and sighs.

"Ye know.....you've changed since you brought her here....in a good way...but I wish you would take one of the bigger rooms on this floor so we can see you both more instead of that stuffy attic."

He shakes his head smiling,
walking over to the elevator waving over his shoulder.

They make their way to Mikey's house,
Y/n grips Draken's hand tightly as an elder man with a serious expression opens the door. Looking from y/n to Draken

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