S2 Chapter 5: The Tyranical Bird Of Fire! Eternal Phoenix!!

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---It had been 2 years after his defeat to Aiga, Phi had went to Evel Oxford who had big news regarding a new evolution of Beyblades---

Phi: You wanted to see me?

Evel: I have big news for you, Phi.

Phi: What is it?

Evel: There has been recent news of a new gen of Beyblades created by Valt Aoi, Sparking Beys he called them.

Phi: Sparking Beys? Explain.

Evel: Sparking Beys are similar to that of GT Beys but they're slightly different. There are 3 different parts to the layer: A Chip, a Ring and a Chassis. Some chassis are compatible with a disk and some arent.

*Phi looked at all the different beys that were apart of the Sparking Layer System: Valkyrie, Ragnaruk, Satan, Fafnir, Spriggan, Longinus, Etc, all of them were unique in their own way. Phi looked up from the tablet and stared Evel in his very sleepy eyes*

Phi: Evel with your expertise, i want to create a Sparking Bey of my own.

Evel: Phi...

Phi: I want to evolve my Dead Phoenix to even greater heights.

*Evel nodded and smiled*

Evel: Alright, lets get to work.

*Phi sat down at the table and pulled up the beys he used over the years, Revive Phoenix and Dead Phoenix, the bey he had made using a fragment of his brothers bey: Dead Hades.*

Phi: So Sparking Beys have a ring, chip and chassis.. from the looks of things, they seem to be a lot heavier than the average bey so thats interesting.

*Phi fused the images of both his beys together and he clicked on "Sparking Evo" and the design of his new Phoenix came up. Phi smiled as he finally had a design for his new bey. He went to work on the Layer and Armor of his bey*

Phi: This will be the ultimate defense type bey in the entire world, i'll make sure of it.

*After about 20 minutes making the ring and adding details to the Ring and Chip, He went to work on the Chassis which he planned to have rubber on it for absorbing impacts*

Phi: It's almost done, my new and ultimate Phoenix!

*After about 10 minutes of working, the new Phoenix was finally completed*

Phi: It's done, the perfect bey ever.. Eternal Phoenix!!

*Phi began to glow with a golden aura as his new Phoenix glowed within his hand, Phi was very proud of his new creation*

~End Of Flashback~

*The sun began to set over the ocean as the 2 bladers stared at each other, Phi was still stunned by the power that Adeona possessed*

Phi: What was that light just now? Did i imagine that or was that legit?!

*Athena looks up at Phi and grins, her aura glowing around her*

Athena: You ready Phi?! I'm gonna smoke you this next round!

*Phi looks at her surprised and smiled with confidence, his own aura glowing too*

Phi: I like your confidence but let's see how long you can keep it up.

*Both bladers take their position*

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Both beys land in the stadium, Phoenix takes the center almost immediately as Adeona races up the stadium at top speed*

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