Isaac Colson Baker.

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After word got out I was MGK's baby mama. I couldn't go anywhere with out getting recognized. I did like the fact now Colson and I could go out in public to do stuff now and not have to be so secretive. Since all of his fans found out my address my apartment gets packages every day from fans sending me baby items, books, clothes,bottles. Soon the Ratchet video came out it made me think. What are Colson and I? Are we boyfriend girlfriend? Are we friends with a baby on the way? I made me think. Good thing that I'm heading to Cleveland this weekend for my baby shower there. I can't wait to surprise Colson by coming a day early! As soon as I arrive at the house and get excited I love spending time with Colson especially when he gets all soft when he talks to my stomach. He is going to be such a good daddy. I walk into the house and head to Colson's room. Just as I open the door I hear noises that sounds a lot like moaning. I open the door and see Colson and some other girl, My mouth drops and I start to feel an ache in my chest. I'm in shock and can't move. Colson sees me in the door way and pushes the girl off of him. I start to cry and run to the door. When I get to my car I see Colson standing in the doorway of house screaming my name. I start my car and race down the road. Then out of no where I see light and hear the most horrible noise to crunching metals and then black. 

Earlier that day MGK's POV

"Slim which one do you like better for him?" I hold up two different onesies one said I heart Cleveland and other one said My daddy's tattoos are better then yours.

"Dude, just get them both."

"Yeah, I should. I'm just excited man. I mean I wasn't this involved when getting ready for Casie to be  here it just great."

"Hey look we got some watchers." He point to two fine ass girls looking at us

"Hey go talk to them nigga." Slim pushes me their way. I make some small talk with them and the sexier one agreed to come back to the crib with me. After some talking we got to business and it was great. She so damn sexy. Then I hear my door open up I see Bailey standing there. Oh shit. I push the female off me and Bailey starts running, I quickly put my boxers on and run after her. I get to the door and I see her speed off in her car then I see her car get t-boned down the street. I run in the house and get a pair of pants on and grab my phone. I start running down the street and I see Bailey's car smashed up and her in the driver seat, I couldn't tell if she was okay. When the driver gets out of the car that hit her I got up to him and push him


"Dude, I swear her car came out of nowhere I tried breaking but I couldn't stop quick enough."

I start to get ready to hit him when Ashleigh and Dubo hold me back and pulled me to the sidewalk. The ambulance showed up and I watch them take Bailey out of her totaled car, she looked dead. She was all bloody and wasn't moving. I break down when I see her get put in the ambulance. Ashleigh goes to the house to get the car and we race to the hospital. When we get there we are escorted to a special place. The doctor told us we wasn't sure if she was going to be okay since she wasn't wearing her seat belt. Soon her parents arrive with Sienna and join us in the waiting room. As the hours went by I though what if she didn't see me fucking that other bitch maybe she would be okay?  Is my son alright? Man watching her car get hit and not being able to help her is whats really getting to me. I post what had happened on twitter and the feed back helped me feel a bit better.

"Murphy family?" I hear a voice I turn to look at him, Bailey's mother goes up to him. "Please tell me my daughter and grandson are okay." She breaks down

"Well, Bailey was hurt very badly. She critical but stable and the baby on the other hand we had to delivered by c-section or he wouldn't have lived. He is also stable but being two month premature there is no guarantee that he will live. 

I can't help but break down. Ashleigh tries comforting me. I go up to the doctor before he lives. 

"Can I see my son?"

"Of course. I will have a nurse come to take you to see him."

I go up to Bailey's mom and hug her and tell her how sorry I am and how this is my fault. She tells me  this isn't my fault. 

Soon the nurse comes and takes me to Isaac. When I get into the room I see this little baby in this incubator. I walk over and see Isaac connected to a bunch of different tubes and machines. I start to cry and tell him how sorry I am. He looks a lot like me but I can defiantly see his mom in him. I'm interrupted an hour later Bailey's mom who said we can go see her. I kiss the incubator and tell him I love him. I head up to Bailey's room and see her. She is very bruised up. I just sat and held her hand and told her how sorry I am. After everyone left, I asked the hospital if I could stay with her overnight in case she woke up. They agreed then a nurse who was a fan of me brought me some paperwork to sign about Isaac. 

"So whats the little guys name?"

"Isaac. Isaac Colson Baker..........."


Authors note:

Hey everyone, you might be a little confused since in my last chapter Bailey was five months pregnant and in this she is seven when she has the baby. A few months past from when the news breaks and this chapter. But I hope you like this one. 

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